Andrew and the Quest of Orion's Belt (Rise of the Fallen)

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What if you could plant a seed, and make it grow in an

This story is about just such a person, a boy named Andrew who could do just that---plant seeds and watch them grow like magic.
This account begins like any other---on the first page, just like any
respectable narrative should.
Things go pretty swell for Andrew, that is, until soldiers overrun his town and make him a slave. More
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Words: 65,460
Language: English
ISBN: 9781452450414
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About Ivory Autumn

Ivory Autumn is an elf who enjoys ice-skating, swimming, cheesecake, noodles, hula hooping, and exploring tree houses. Her favorite color is purple, and her preferred shape is a circle. She likes the smell of cinnamon, and the sound of feebee bugs clicking their wings at night. She doesn’t like carrots, getting slivers under her fingernails, radishes, blustery wind, doing moldy dishes, or stepping in cold puddles with fresh stockings on.
If she were to be any kind of fruit, she would be a mango, because they are so yummy. She likes watching lightning. Her favorite season is springtime. She likes tall trees, and having butterflies land on her nose.
She spends much of her time with her best friends, Andrew, Freddie, Talic, and Gogindy, protecting them from dragons, and other types of nasty monsters.

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Also in Series: Andrew And the Quest of Orion's Belt

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Review by: James Jenkins on Nov. 17, 2016 :
There is a good foundation for a story here. Unfortunately there does not seem to be enough to support a series. I read 46% and when the group goes off to save the world, but we spend pages talking about smoking, it was just one to many mundane side tracks to increase the word count, had to put it down.
(review of free book)

Review by: Sam on Nov. 25, 2011 :
My rating is a little harsh; this book wasn't quite my thing, but I do think MG readers will thoroughly enjoy this.

Rise of the Fallen sounded like a fun read, especially from the description on Goodreads, so I was hoping it wouldn't be too hard to like. I loved the unique start - it was an imaginative way to begin the book. Ivory Autumn's writing style was genuinely engaging and I enjoyed the slight touch of humor.

At first I appreciated the ideas in this novel, thinking the Fallen created an intriguing story line, but I did soon begin to have my doubts when I found out Andrew, the protagonist, is in fact half-star, half-elf. The hint of astronomical ideas did appeal to me, but I was hoping they could have been less implausible. I also felt the plot was badly structured. There were too many unnecessary distractions that took away from what would have otherwise been a pretty good story line.

The characters, apart from Ivory, were all one of the good things about this novel. Andrew was easy to like and understand. He did come across strangely young at first, even though he was sixteen, but he soon begins to shine more as a character as his responsibilities increase. I also really liked Rhapsody's character. He was another one who stood out quite a bit during this book and added to its readability. Ivory, unfortunately, infuriated me quite a bit. She was beyond annoying and I could not understand why she did such silly things half the time. Ignoring her, every other main character was an asset to the book.

My attention did waver occasionally during this novel, but I think that is simply because I have not read a book like this in a good few years. Although I am a huge fan of the young-adult genre, I think this book will be most appreciated by people who enjoy fun MG/Younger YA books - just a slightly different target age group than what I am most comfortable with.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Read Out Loud Publishing on Nov. 14, 2011 :
The short introduction to this book got me intrigued enough to get myself a copy and start reading it. And I have to say that I could hardly put it down. The author is able to weave a story which kept me wanting to know what would happen at the next turn. There is not a single dull moment in the book, and the story moves along at a fast pace.

This book has all the elements that a good fantasy series should. It has an unlikely hero, upon whom the responsibility to save the world has been thrust. He gets a number of companions to help him on his quest. He also gets a guide to teach him and ready him for his final showdown. And finally, there is the bad guy with an all-encompassing power who seems invincible.

The various scenes in the book have been so well described that it feels as if you are a part of the book. The author’s amazing imagination comes to the fore in the multitude of creatures throughout the book. They have been terrifically described and you can practically see them in front of you. The pictures of these creatures throughout the book come in handy as well.

Each of the characters in the book has been created beautifully, with their own unique characteristics.
Andrew, the central character of the books, really grows through the book. He is initially not sure of his gifts, but as the story progresses, he becomes more confident, but not before making a few blunders. I can see him progressing to become the courageous leader that his quest is surely to demand.
Ivory is portrayed as being very inquisitive, which gets her in trouble a number of times. She keeps wandering off and has to be rescued resulting in the story taking a number of side tracks. This however gives Andrew a chance to get in touch with his gifts, to understand and develop them. Ivory also seems to be attracted to Andrew and I see their relationship getting deeper in future books.
Rhapsody is Andrew’s guide and teacher and provides Andrew the confidence to use his gifts. He is the mature adult in the group of boys and keeps them in line most of the times.
Lancedon is a price who has been banished from his kingdom. He is very brave, but has a soft side to him as well. I believe that he will have a much larger role to play in the remaining books of the series.

As far as criticisms go, I was a bit disappointed, as the group’s journey to find the Fallen begins right at the end of the book. This does not give us a chance to understand him and his powers a bit better.

Overall, I loved the book and I can’t wait for the next book to come, and for the adventure to continue.
(reviewed 11 days after purchase)

Review by: Tea on Nov. 01, 2011 : (no rating)
When I was asked to review this, I read the synopsis, and thought it sounded like a light and fun read. It definitely provided that, though it wasn’t the YA that I sort of expected, I’d call this more mid-range.

One of my favourite things about this novel is the range of creatures – and the fact that they all had fun, imaginative names and characteristics. It’s clear that the author has some serious imagination, and I enjoyed that. I also enjoyed the early manifestations of Andrew’s power, though I have to admit, when he suddenly discovered his various other ones, I did start to get a little confused!

The storyline of this book moves along at a good pace – things happen quickly, and the quiet parts don’t last for long. My only criticism is that it feels a bit like you’re bounced from one event to the next sometimes, and it might be a little hard to keep up. I also felt a bit like the story meandered away from the main storyline a little too often – I felt like I was losing track of what was actually meant to be going on because I was distracted by the sidestory.

The characters in the book were well-written and definitely gave me a few smiles, with my personal favourite being Gogingy, just for pure fun-factor. They also appeared to mature throughout the story, which was good, as they seemed very ‘young’ to me at the beginning. Besides, having to save the world is going to make anyone grow up quickly!

I notice that in this review, I’ve said the word fun a whole lot, and I think that’s really what this book is. It’s pure, unadulterated fun in an interesting fantasy setting, with a good epic quest to keep the characters – and the readers – busy. There are also some good quality illustrations, which just add to the charm and feeling of the book – really, I’m a sucker for nice touches.

I’d recommend this book to younger readers – or those who want something nice and easy to keep them busy – or those who want a fantasy book where things don’t get overly complicated with hugely expansive and complex storylines. Definitely give it a read ☺
(reviewed 30 days after purchase)

Review by: rayray3867 on Oct. 15, 2011 :
Andrew and the Quest of Orion's Belt was a great read--I read it in less than a day! There is both darkness as well as light in this story, which I think is important for young adults to realize.

While Andrew is said to be sixteen, I almost felt that he was younger in the early parts of the book...however, he came into his own later in the story, which made his age seem more appropriate. What I like about this story is that it can appeal to a younger audience as well. The first book in this series reminded me very much of Suzanne Collins' "Gregor the Overlander" books, both in tone and in story. (This is a VERY good thing, I LOVED Gregor the Overlander!) As such, I feel that my 12 year old brother would enjoy this story just as much as I did, which makes the Quest of Orion's Belt appealing to a wide variety of people.

Great story, characters, and adventure! Keep up the good work!
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: booksarefun on Oct. 06, 2011 :
I liked this book because there was always something happening. The whole adventure story is full of fantastic creatures and heroes who are both human and magical, encountering their own weaknesses and strengths as they face the creatures and powers that try to prevent them from reaching their goal, as they journey through magical and mystical realms. Some of the
creatures and places, and powers that the valiant ones wield, are things that I had never imagined and which I find delightful to read about.

It was refreshing to read of characters who were true heroes with a worthy purpose. The plot kept me hooked, and the characters, who were well developed, were often humorous and sometimes tragical and often fell into misadventures, as well as victories.

The whole story of Andrew's quest is not only an adventure story of fantasy,with
amazing creatures and beings, but is an allegory
for our times. The Rise of the Fallen is not only about the the rise of the powerful one who rises and brings darkness to the land, but parallels
the rise of the ones who have fallen under that power who seek to throw off the chains of darkness.

There is enough action and adventure to engage even the most reluctant young adult reader. The illustrations throughout the book make you want to read the book to find out what they are all about.
This author has a fresh way of writing and portrays the powers of evil versus good in such a way that is not overly focusing on the dark and evil forces, but focuses on the powers of light that seek to overcome it.
I think this author has a lot of promise.
I look forward to reading more in the series of the Quest of Orion's belt.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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