If You Look Like Me

If You Look Like Me
by : S.A. Poole
Copyrights 2018
As differently as we may see & experience the world from our own perspective.There is one of many things we all have in common...and that is....EACHOTHER !!! More

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About S. Poole

S.A. Poole : Born-November 26,1979 in Augusta Georgia. He was raised in a small rural town called Sandersville Georgia.Attended the Washington County public school system and at age 16,was enrolled in Great Onyx Job Corps in Mammoth Cave Kentucky, where he took an interest in brickmasonry.Then later, at the age of 19,he decided to relocate to Atlanta Georgia where he would hopefully get the opportunity of a better life,career and meet new people.There,he pursued a career in music,fashion,writing,film,business and other professional fields such as medical office expert,entrpreneurialship,mentoring and today,an aspiring business owner.

Like Many,He Sees Himself And Others Living Their Best Life,Despite The Obstacles Of The World We See & Face Today !!


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