Stone Man: And the Trail of Tears

After U.S. soldiers attack twelve-year-old Tsatsi’s Cherokee village, his family flees to the Smokey Mountains. Facing storms, flood, and hunger, they’re forced to go where Stone Man, a monstrous giant, is rumored to live. Their journey is a dangerous one. Will Tsatsi find the strength to become a Cherokee warrior? And will they ever find their family again? More
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October 8, 2019
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About Charles Suddeth

Charles Suddeth was born in Jeffersonville, Indiana. He lived near Charlestown, Indiana on a mule-powered farm, on the site of a 1790 fort built to prevent Shawnees from crossing the Ohio River. He still loves mules, but the city won’t let him keep them.
Though he is not legally Native American, he has Cherokee and Shawnee ancestors. His great-great grandfather, Bill Pennington, left his Cherokee village during the Trail of Tears and moved with his family to Charlestown, probably fording the Ohio River near the fort. On his European side, his great…great grandmother was Lady Godiva, making him a distant cousin to William Shakespeare. (she was unfairly accused of losing her clothes, but that is another story)
He went to school in Michigan, receiving a BS from Michigan State University. He has done graduate work with MSU, University of Louisville, and Spalding University in veterinary medicine and education. He has donned many hats: federal meat inspector, salesman, truck driver, teacher, and caregiver. Currently, he is substitute teaching by day and writing by night.
A widower, he lives in Louisville, Kentucky near Tom Sawyer State Park where he hikes whenever the weatherman lets him. He belongs to SCBWI (Society for Children’s Writers & Illustrators), International Thriller Writers, and Green River Writers. He hosts a monthly SCBWI Social in Louisville. When not storytelling, his interests include genetics, linguistics, and Rosicrucian studies. He writes poetry, picture books, middle reader’s books, young adult novels, and adult novels.

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