Wolf's Father: Book Three of The Norse Myth Soap Opera Trilogy

'Wolf's Father', the third book of 'The Norse Myth Soap Opera Trilogy' wraps up the stories in most of the Norse myths through this contemporary retelling which is rooted in Old Norse, Danish, and other sources, but which also owes much to telenovels and soap operas.
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August 3, 2019
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About Beanie Lei

Beanie Lei was bitten by the storytelling bug as a child, but it took her years to write anything down because she likes talking too much. Her ebooks, which are sold in the main ebook stores, include 'The Fox and It' (a children’s picture book), 'Five-Penny Rhymes' (an experimental collection of twenty short stories written as poetry-inspired microfiction), 'The Prophecy' (a fantasy novella which mixes elements of Chinese and Norse mythology), and 'The Vision', 'The Promise', and 'Wolf’s Father' (three novels retelling the Norse myths which are collectively known as 'The Norse Myth Soap Opera Trilogy'). She also has a blog ('A Life in a Blog', https://beanielei.blogspot.com) and Youtube channel (Beanie Lei). You can contact her on beanielei@gmail.com, @beanie_lei on Instagram, or @beanielei on Twitter. Now that she’s started writing, she’s going to keep going!

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