Strategize Your Investment In 30 Minutes A Day (Steps)

First, to validate the production of substantial quantified trading opportunities.

Second, to crack the powerful catalysts generated by a simple collaboration of only TWO fundamental metrics. 
Third, a powerful strategy with unique and simple methodologies. 
Finally, to obtain a profitable trade with Fibonacci retracement. I will make it easier for you to be able to make an effective trade. More

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About Fern. Founder of NerdTraders


I'm Fern. I have been working on building the NerdTraders empire to provide resources about Stock Markets for people who want to learn or do not know where to start, or get stuck because stock markets are confusing.

I do not believe in getting rich quick as most people tend to believe so, that's why they get involved in the markets without considering pros and cons which means making a profit without taking any loss. I had been there before once I started. Since a coin has two sides, it makes me realize the controllable factors which are risk management and money management and psychology in the markets and execute a trading system based on those three factors.

With the books I wrote, you will learn about those factors and how to implement them on stock charts, and you can do it yourself later. If you are looking for a guarantee of return on investment(ROI) 30 % / year, my books are might not for you because I don't do a clickbait.

If you are questioning :
How many stocks to buy or sell?
How to control a losing trade and make a systemic profit?
How to implement technicals and fundamentals together to prevent overtrading?
How to implement each announcement to notice the stock price pattern?
How to trade wisely? etc.
All answers are thoroughly written in my books, you can check it out which one you are looking for.

If you have any questions about the books or other resources by NerdTraders, feel free to contact me.

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