Night Marchers

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After moving to Hawaii, Emma dismisses the strange goings-on as figments of her imagination — until she stumbles upon a gathering of ancient spirits. Can she combat a curse that threatens her soul and an impossible love triangle? With over 600 five-star ratings on Goodreads, The Night Marchers series is a complete young adult paranormal romance series. More
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About Rebecca Gober

Rebecca Gober was born in Houston, Texas in 1982 and spent most of her life growing up in Dallas, Texas. In between working full time, being a wife and mother of two, Rebecca has never let her passion for reading and fiction fall through the cracks. Rebecca Gober's first book, Night Marchers, which she co-authored with her best friend and partner in crime, Courtney Nuckels, was released in e-book format in October of 2011. Since then Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels have released the sequel to Night Marchers: Redemption as well as Project ELE, Finding ELE, Exposing ELE and Surviving ELE which are part of a new YA apocalyptic series that has a paranormal twist.

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About the Series: Night Marchers
With over 600 five-star ratings on Goodreads, The Night Marchers series is a complete young adult paranormal romance series that will appeal to fans of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, and The Vampire Diaries by L. J. Smith.

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Books4Tomorrow Reviews reviewed on Jan. 2, 2013

I’ve had this book in my TBR pile for somewhere close to ten months now, and I was really looking forward to reading it as I’ve read the first book in their Project ELE series and loved it. My impression of the blurb was promises of mystery, intrigue, suspense, and maybe a few chills. At least, that’s what I thought I was going to find in this story when I read the blurb before I downloaded this book. Alas, what I got instead was something completely different.

***spoiler alert***

Let’s see. First half of the book details Emma falling in love with Tristan. Yes, it takes 50% of the book for Emma and Tristan to meet up and fall in love. Now, y’all know I’m not a fan of romance, right? I was curious to read about the Night Marchers though, so I persevered and kept reading. Another 30% then details Emma and Kai falling in love. Sigh. OK, we’re past 80% and the Night Marchers got a few pages mention, but only as an intro for Kai to save Emma so they can fall in love. The last 20% of the book is where it picks up and gets interesting (but still interspersed with Kai’s romantic overtures and Emma berating herself for being in love with two “cute” guys at the same time). The only interesting part about the last few chapters of the book were the Menehues – a city built inside a cave with little people as its citizens. That was a really nice touch and I applaud the authors for their creativity with this.

***end of spoiler***

The characters – specifically Emma, Tristan, Kaylee, and Kai – were pretty standard characters. I kind of liked Emma, but the sappy romance really just wasn’t for me. The colorful backdrop and setting in which the story takes place, was lush and well-described. I could clearly see every single detail of the island and this made it easy for me to place myself in the story right beside Emma. Overall the writing was okay, but it’s definitely in need of some editing. A lot of the time, the dialogue felt forced and awkward, especially between Emma and her father, and made me want to cringe. Although Night Marchers ended with a cliff-hanger ending, it wasn’t enough to get me curious about the conclusion in the second book titled Redemption. From the blurb I was expecting something different, but instead had to sit through a romance novel, and the Night Marchers were a mere mention in the background and used as filler to transition between scenes.

Fans of books loaded with summer romance and “cute” boy-next-door type of characters to make your heart go on a wild gallop, will absolutely love this book. Readers who, like me, expect a plot with twists, dark magic, secrets or legends, voodoo or some kind of island witchery, will be disappointed. My recommendation is that you download this book (it’s free, after all) for when you’re in need of a light bedtime read.
(reviewed 13 months after purchase)
Lori Fenn reviewed on Nov. 18, 2012

From start to finish I was completely pulled into this story. It had everything you like in a book: suspense, mystery, love, betrayal, action, and I found it very addicting. Once I started reading it, I found it impossible to put down.

This was the first book that I have read by Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels, but I can tell you that it definitely won't be the last. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves YA, you won't be disappointed. :)
(review of free book)
Angie Lenkevich reviewed on Oct. 14, 2012

Emma Townsend is your average teenager that has recently received the shock of her young life. Her father, a paranormal investigator, has taken a job in Hawaii and their moving within a month. Emma is not sure how she feels about leaving at near the end of her senior year. Emma and her best friend infinitely or BFI Kaylee are trying to cope with all of these sudden changes yet neither one wants to say good bye to each other. Her father's employers The Kealohas have spared no expense in bringing The Townsends to Hawaii. Her father's job is researching the Night Marchers. The Night Marchers are a group of mysterious people that roam Kauni Island yet you should never look them in the eyes. Emma and her father settle into their new lives. Emma meets Alani and her son Tristan is glad for the company. Tristan tries to help Emma settle into her life by trying to teach her how to surf, hiking to special place, and watching the sunset. Emma admits to herself that she likes Tristan very much. Meanwhile a mysterious man is watching Emma yet Emma thinks she imagined him. Until Emma becomes lost near special place close to dark. Kai has been watching a young lady closely yet when she is caught in the stare of a Night Marcher. He knows that he must act to protect her at all costs. Kai is drawn to Emma in ways he can't explain to himself and develops feelings for her as well. The Menehunes leader Adam tries to help Kai and Emma break the curse of Night Marchers. Emma also has feelings for Kai yet for Tristan as well. She feels like she's being torn in two because of it. What can The Menehune do for Emma? What is Kai willing to risk? What about Emma's family and friends? Can the curse of the Night Marchers be broken? What will Emma do? Your answers await you in Night Marchers.
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jaime cross reviewed on Aug. 23, 2012

This is a really great book. Having been to Hawaii before, I really loved the history & cultural things put into the book. Love Kai & Emma. There is so much about this book that I totally loved. If you haven't read it, don't miss out!
(review of free book)
sss mkl reviewed on Aug. 22, 2012

I was recommended this book earlier this summer and was enthralled with the story line. It was beautifully written and the authors have provided a story that pulls at your heart for love and friendship.
(review of free book)
Melanie Newton reviewed on Aug. 1, 2012

Night Marchers is a YA book that takes the beautiful island of Hawaii and explores some of the darker paranormal history about it. The story is told through the eyes of the teenage Emma who is ripped from her life in Texas when her father gets a job offer too good to resist.

Whilst initially reluctant to leave her home Emma quickly becomes accostomed to the new way of life and as is typical for teenage girls is helped in her transition by a rather good looking teenage boy.

I am always interested in things based in some kind of paranormal "truth" and this story didn't fail to impress with the authors obviously having taken a great deal of time to do their research. By the time I got to the end I could not wait to pick up the second one and see where the story went.

Overall a well written book definitely deserving of a place in any YA reader's collection. V""V
(review of free book)
Ever Star reviewed on May 3, 2012

This book was amazing! I could not put it down. In a way I understand were Emma was coming from when she was being moved away from her BFI! I have moved from mine so many times that I am so grateful that we stayed in touch. Funny thing is I live in Texas like Emma did lol so I could relate on some level, not that I have moved out of state just towns over. When Emma moved to Hawaii, I was just like wow, how nice would that be. The way the authors described it in a way I felt as though I was there. Now I am torn between Tristian and Kai. Tristian is one of those guys that you could fall in love with and is a gentleman who cares about a girl/woman's heart. Now Kai on the other hand is a protector and seems to be caring.
This book is about how a young teenager and her father lose their mother when Emma was really young. They get on with their lives. When Emma's father gets a job offer in Hawaii Emma is very upset since she is 4 months away from graduating and she will be leaving her BFI. She adjust to the move when she meets Tristian, and he shows her the beautiful beach and surfing. He is a gentleman in every way and he cares for Emma. One day when Tristian has to leave she goes out by herself and falls asleep, when she wakes it is night time. And she has been told to not be out by herself at night. Then she comes across Kai who tries to protect her but she looks into the eye of a Night Marcher who tries to hunt her down. It is a curse that has been placed on her. Kai will stop at nothing to protect her since he has fallen in love with her.

I will leave it there since it is such an amazing book to read. Hope I didn't give too much away. :D
(review of free book)

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