Enroll Your Books in the 12th Annual Read an Ebook Week  Sale!

March 7, 2021 - March 13, 2021

Welcome to the enrollment page for the 12th annual Read an Ebook Week sale! For these seven days only, thousands of Smashwords authors and publishers will offer readers exclusive discounts on their ebooks.

To enroll your books in the promotion, select from one of four promotion levels below: 25% off; 50% off; 75% off, or FREE.

If you manage multiple books, you can use the bulk enrollment option you'll find in the pull-down menus directly underneath each of the enrollment options.

Once a book is enrolled, the discount will automatically apply to the customer's shopping cart at checkout. No need for customers to remember to enter coupon codes!

Benefits of Participation

Readers love Read an Ebook Week because it's an opportunity to purchase the latest low-cost ebooks from long-time favorite indie authors and future favorites.

Authors and publishers enrolled in the promotion will receive:

  1. Placement in a special Smashwords home page catalog from March 7 through March 13
  2. Email promotion to over one million customers of the Smashwords Store at the start of the sale (so be sure to enroll before the sale starts!)
  3. Notation on your book page that your book is participating in the sale
  4. Special visibility in home page searches

How to Participate (Scroll down the page to enroll your books)

  1. If you're already logged into your account, below you'll see a list of your published books. Select the book(s) you want to enroll, and at what level you want to enroll. Click "Submit" and you're done. 
  2. Enroll your books at promotional levels of 25% off, 50% off, 75% off, or for FREE.
  3. Your discounted price, after the coupon is applied, must be $.99 or higher, otherwise the book's price will default to free.
  4. If a book is already free, or you previously selected the "name your own price" pricing option, you're already enrolled and you do nothing.
  5. The catalog goes live at 12:01 am Pacific on Saturday, March 7 and expires 11:59pm on Saturday, March 13, 2021.
  6. You can opt out of the promotion at any time, or modify your promotion settings at any time.

Your participation does not change your suggested retail price at Smashwords or at Smashwords retailers.  These deals are exclusive to the Smashwords Store and will not work anywhere else.

You will receive an email confirming your participation.

Visit the Read an Ebook Week hub where you can download official 2020 RAEW images to share on social media at https://smashwords.com/ebookweek. You'll also find additional information about the event along with marketing tips.

Have fun!

The Smashwords Team


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