Interview with Warrior Publishers

What's the story behind your latest book?
The story is one of justice. Having worked in universities/colleges I saw a lot of power plays, people were selfish and wanted to be control, often to rort the system for their advantage, whether thats material or ideological. You had friends and allies, or you didn't. Mostly allies, shifting allies. When something tremendous happens, as it did with Mark, allies not only abandon you, but readily distance themselves or, worse, turn against you.
I was also sick and tired of hearing the political correctness in an institution that was supped to question so-called gospel "truths", and pushed a women-only, victim mentality, without acknowledging the erotic capital young girls hold, and know how to use. There was a great miscarriage of justice with Mark. So I wanted to set the record straight, not just about Mark but about what girls desire, do, can be, and how they use their erotic capital.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
It's free and easy. It gets the message out there quickly, to a larger audience, and at a very cheap price. While I still love to curl up in bed with the feel of a book, I am a convert, and see myself equally at home with an e-reader.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
To tell a story, but one that questions, challenges. To PLAY with words and therefore ideas. To provoke, prod, push. To play with reality, with what COULD be...
Who are your favorite authors?
Too many to list. I love the classics...Dickens, Maugham, Shaw, Orwell, D H Lawrence... Foucault
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
The sun and the cat
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Thinking, observing, doing things I should have done long ago.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
Browse, and word of mouth. Occasional reviews.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yes, about being a campus radical in high school. It was the 1970s....
What is your writing process?
An idea, just start. Let it evolve. Impose some structure when the flow gets overwhelming
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
No, not the first. Read many that have had an impact....see my favourite authors
How do you approach cover design?
My daughter tells me with poor taste. I like what i see, I am eclectic.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
Have to think about that...more than 5. As a undergrad student I remember so well Ann Summers' Damed Whores & God's Police.. That was an eye-opener, not just about/for women, but how social structures affect us, all of us.
What do you read for pleasure?
See my favourite authors. Yikes, seldom get time to read these days. Always reading for knowledge, insights, understanding, hardly pure pleasure. Lolita was good, and de Sade's Justine (sadly grossly misunderstood), for both pleasure and insight. De Sade's was out of curiosity, and disappointing...quite bizarre really. Lolita was fantastic.
Describe your desk
A mess
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
Australia, it's so parochial and narrow minded in terms of philosophical outlook.
When did you first start writing?
Really ? About age 13.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
To get challenging views "out there" easy, cheap, widely.
Why Warrior Publishers ?
How did Warrior publishers come about ? And why ?
I have long been interested in publishing because I see it as a way of getting ideas out there in the world. Of course now social media dominates, but publishing presents lengthy, sustained arguments and narratives. It was always very difficult to get books published thru mainstream publishers; so with the advent of on-line publishing, their monopoly has been broken. But there is still the stumbling block of marketing, advertising and promoting. Writers write, to shift into marketing is a whole new ball game.
So I started Warrior publishers to give myself and others opportunity to get our narratives into the world, and through the process learn about marketing.

Why the name ? Because I felt the company was like a warrior, fighting for the disadvantaged, the unknown, to be heard, and like warriors cutting new paths into new fields.

When I discovered it was a godsend. I had already published one book as print-on-demand, but in retrospect it was a flop, again because of marketing, and POD seems not to have caught on widely. At least with e-books at Smashwords we have some control, and it’s completely free. Even as a POD book, my novel sold for $27; since then it’s been republished as an e-book and costs $1.99. The thing is, e-books cut out several middlemen, and you don’t need a specialized e-reader because you can read e-books on your laptop.

Warrior Publishers has now published 7 E-Books, both fiction and non-fiction, and has about another 5 books in the pipeline. We welcome others who want to submit a manuscript for publication as an e-book.

But, let me tell you briefly about the 7 e-books we have published, then those we plan to do, and all available at

The first is Asian Cam Models: Digital Virtual Virgin Prostitutes?
By me, Paul Mathews, and only $2.99. You can even download the first chapter for free !

This work explores the cybersex or cam model industry in the Philippines. It pioneers research in economics, labour relations, sexuality, globalization, and digital technology. It identifies the piecework relations of a new global industry; the commoditization of sexuality and emotional labour; the impact of digital technology; and injects new ideas into debates about cultural and economic globalization.

This is the first book, and in fact the first piece of serious writing on this new industry of cam models. Basically, it describes the cam model industry, how it works, the economic exploitation, not by “big men”, but by bosses and the few companies that run the cam sites. It also gives some of the gurls’ views about their work.

One of the key issues is that the gurls do not see cam modeling as prostitution, or even as sex work. So it raises the issue of what constitutes sex work, because in this case the gurls’ work is mediated by technology.

Strange as it may seem, I was drawn into this study not by the sexual aspects, but the economics of it. When I discovered how this industry worked in terms of employment arrangements it sent me back to my undergraduate years of Marxist theory about wage labour and piece rates—that’s P-I-E-C-E rates. In other words, these models are paid on the basis of “pieces” of work they produce, the number of minutes they engage clients in private shows. They do not get a wage. So in effect these girls are semi-self-employed; they have to pay 50% of income to the company who owns the site, and 25% to a boss who supplies the PC and studio. And they have to meet a quota of 100 minutes every 15 days, or they don’t get paid at all.

Karl Marx wrote only 4 pages on this system of work, and simply said it was just another form of wage employment. But he missed a crucial point. It was not until 1975 that Joseph Stiglitz mentioned in passing that what piece rates do is put the responsibility and risk of production on to the worker at the point of production. This is a profound statement, and to understand why, and how this economic exploitation works, well, you will have to read the sequel to this book.

But let me finish by asking why is piece rates such an important issue? Simply because, piece rates is inherently exploitative; and, apart from cam gurls, there is an increasing number of people who work on a piece rate basis, and they don’t realize it, or the implications. Taxi drivers, real estate agents, tele-marketeers, and even doctors and now lawyers can and do work on a piece rate basis…If they don’t win the case, they don’t get paid….

Having written that book, I the went on to write Naked in a Nipa Hut: I'm a Cybersex Gurl and I wanna tell you my story…
This is sequel to Asian Cam Models. It’s a sociological and anthropological insight into the lives of cybersex models and how they and others perceive their work. It is based on several case studies of ACMs, and addresses issues raised in the earlier book. It also outlines the structure of the sex industry in the Philippines.
What else has Warrior Publishers published ?
Having written that book, I the went on to write Naked in a Nipa Hut: I'm a Cybersex Gurl and I wanna tell you my story…
This is sequel to Asian Cam Models. It’s a sociological and anthropological insight into the lives of cybersex models and how they and others perceive their work. It is based on several case studies of ACMs, and addresses issues raised in the earlier book. It also outlines the structure of the sex industry in the Philippines.

Now the story gets complicated…. In brief, I was asked by an Israeli TV crew to help them make a documentary on cam girls in the Philippines, to tell their stories. I did help them, only to find out that their real intention was to show how the girls were exploited in order to expose a certain Mr. Big who ran one of the sites. Fortunately, none of the interviewed girls said they felt exploited, but found ACM-ing a convenient job. But I was so pissed of by the Israeli’s deceit that I decided to write this second book based on more extensive interviews, in order to tell the stories of the girls’ lives and work.

As I was writing this book I also submitted a paper to the Feminist Economics Journal. But it was reviewed by mostly economists, who we all know lead sheltered lives. Among the several things they wanted addressed was where did ACM-ing fit within the sex industry of the Philippines, and if any of these sex workers experience occupational mobility. Well, I did say they were economists.

To address their needs, I realized that no one had ever written about the sex industry in the Philippines, that is, its structure. So this book now contains the only, but by no means definitive, description of the sex work structure in that country.

Two other non-fiction books that Warrior Publishers have produced are TRAVELLERS IN TAIWAN Reflections of Formosa By Kitty Lee and myself, in both English and Chinese, and
Complementary Therapeutics: A Selected Annotated Bibliography.
The Taiwan book is a satirical but serious critique of Taiwanese society and culture across a number of areas and issues, such as What do foreigners think of Taiwan? How long do they stay? What do they do? Are Taiwanese friendly & smart? Should Taiwan join China?
And the cartoons in the book are awesome.

The book on complementary medicine is simply a reference book for those interested in research and literature on the topic. But underlying this bibliography is that the compilation treats "alternative" therapies both as a spearhead and as a reflection of widespread changes in attitudes—and of resistance to such changes. “Alternative" therapies seem to be a sort of avant-garde for new ideas about health and the body, as well as symptomatic of much wider societal changes.

So, this annotated bibliography, read as a chronology, traces a change in beliefs and attitudes, where the body, health, nature and society have come to mean different things and imply different consequences for both the individual and society.

The compilation lists and annotates dissertations, books, chapters and miscellaneous reports etc on complementary therapeutics. By no means is the book exhaustive, but a starting point.
What fiction works has Warrior Publishers produced ?
Turning to fictional works, first and foremost is Samantha Guimoi and the Trinity of Terror, by Trinitee T'Chong

This is NOT a horror book, but the consequences and actions are horrible. It’s full of twists and turns.... It’s an awesome story, about women, feminism, sex, student-teacher relationships, education, cyber-terror, power, etc, available as an E-Book through or Print-on-Demand paperback.

It’s 600 pages deal with student-teacher sexual relationships and the woeful conditions of and corruption in the education system, feminist moralizing, and fat people, based on possibly a true story. Good style, funni and scathing.

If you have read Helen Garner's The First Stone, then u will need to read this....just to find out what the trinity and the terror are.

The second fictional book is The Can: Benny & The Gems.
Ben spent 8 years in jail for a diamond heist. Set in the 1970s when petrol was leaded and cell-fones weren’t even a dream, The Can was written while Ben was in jail. It tells the story of how he came to be there, following a series of crazy, hippy events that will keep you incredulous and laughing. For a paltry $1.99 it’s a chance for you to know what it what it was like 40 years ago on the Nimbin-vego north coast.

The sequel to this, Daze of Our Lives, continues with Ben’s travels and exploits after he wins the lotto.

These two books are ideal for teens, especially those who never read a thing, or for remedial reading.

But the background to these books is also fascinating.

Bruce Roberts and his mother were found guilty in 1976 of murdering Bruce’s father. Both were sentenced to life imprisonment. Evidence showed the brutal treatment by Eric Roberts towards his family. A public campaign to free both mother and son was waged to secure a fairer sentence by regarding the killing as justifiable manslaughter.
After a few years both were released on licence. Bruce’s mother later died in a house fire caused by her smoking in bed. Bruce also lost his older brother to leukemia, and his younger brother lost a leg in a bike accident.

What happened to Bruce is obscure; there are indications that he breached the conditions of his parole and was sent back to jail for a time, or that he moved to Western Australia.
I met Bruce when he was in jail in the 1970s; he gave these books, both written by Bruce while he was in jail, to be published. Now, some 35 years later, with changes in technology allowing e-publications, that wish has been fulfilled.

The final book is MY RIDDLE BOOK. 170 all-time riddles & jokes for kids 5 and up, fully illustrated, by Jhenna Umali.
It’s only 99 cents. Keep your kids occupied on a long flight !
What are you working on next?
We plan several books in the coming 6 months:
First is a study of EFL and education in Taiwan, which examines through case studies the disjunction between policy and practice, and contains some interesting and satirical anecdotes.
Next is a book on male prostitution in Sydney, and also one on the Philippines.
There is also a book on Sydney taxis, Everything You always wanted to know about taxis but the driver wouldn’t tell you.
Then there may be a small book on the role of family planning in the concept of nationalism, or what I call being a proper citizen, or biological citizenship.

So, Warrior Publishers seeks to publish different, hopefully pioneering works across a range of fields, or any books of quality that give writers a chance to express themselves, fiction and non-fiction. Now that e-books are a reality—and I am convert—this is possible with little or no cost. So we welcome the submission of manuscripts for e-book publication.
Thanks for listening, and don’t forget to visit Warrior Publishers’ web site or

Now, an important part of Warrior Publishers is that a proportion of net sales go to the Foundation for Single Pinay Moms in College.

This foundation was set up because in my research I encountered many single Filipina moms who had been abandoned by their partner when they became pregnant. One way to get out of their cycle of poverty is to get educated, but they can’t afford it.

To find out more about this and how you can help with even a small donation, or by purchasing a book, visit Warrior Publishers’ website at
Or buy any of our books and the contact details are in them.
Published 2015-12-24.
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