Interview with Kathy Keller

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
It is the creativity, most definitely the creativity. A good day of writing is like a rush of adrenaline. The next best thing is learning that readers enjoy my books.
What is your writing process?
When I get an idea for a book, I do some research to get a feel for the events of the time period in which I am writing. I then start writing and do the rest of the research as the book progresses. I have never been able to write with an outline. It seems to stifle my creativity. I know how I want the story to start, how I want it to end, and the main plot. The rest--the muddy middle--falls into place with subplots I derive from the research. I hate to waste time, so once I get the story started, I don't sit down to write until I have a complete scene or chapter worked out in my mind, including dialogue. If I have writer's block, I usually find the solution to my problem in the research.
What do your fans mean to you?
My fans and their feedback are very important. Writing is not just an outlet for creativity for me, it is also about entertaining my readers. I feel very gratified when fans let me know that they like my books. It energizes me to write the next one.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
The next scene that I am going to write.
Why do you prefer to write historical romance?
That is easy. I have always loved delving into history and I am a romantic at heart. I love a good period love story. But I also have a great curiosity about mysteries of the universe--parallel universes, time travel, other dimensions. Hence my book "The Paradox."
What have you learned about history that surprises you most?
As a student of history and observer of life, I am most taken by the fact that for all of our advances in technology, humanity has not progressed much. The same prejudices, misperceptions, ignorance, and greed are still present today.
Do you have trouble coming up with an idea for the next book?
No. Sometimes I wish I did. A book is a year-long project for me. By the time I am ready to publish a novel I am so burned out. After the "Paradox," I told everyone it was going to be my last book. Then, I became possessed with the need to write the Western "A Little Gentle Persuasion." Before I was finished with that "Lady of the Sea" popped into my head.
You must be relieved to finish a book then.
Yes, I feel euphoric and free. Even when I have the next project in mind, my intention is always to take some time off to "detox." But after an hour or two after releasing a book, I begin to experience withdrawal. I feel a void. I miss my characters--my "friends" for a year--and I wander around the house at loose ends. Within 48 hours, I can't help myself and am usually at work on a new book.
You have just released your eighth book, "Lady of the Sea." Which one is your favorite?
I am frequently asked that question. I honestly can't say. I love all my characters and their predicaments. Each book is truly a labor of love.
What is the story behind "Lady of the Sea?"
I wanted to do a pirate book but not the usual swashbuckler. I couldn't find the right angle though and was about ready to give up on the idea, when a friend gave me a book to read about America's conflict with the Barbary pirates after the Revolutionary War. I was halfway through the book when the angle for the story came to me. I believe readers will find it quite different.
Have you started a new project?
Of course. I am switching gears though. I am working on "Paradox II"--another paranormal mystery within a mystery for reporter Kip Stevens, and a story of enduring love that spans the universe. I have kicked around this idea for several years but couldn't think how to make it work until now. Readers can look for it in the fall of 2019.
Published 2018-10-16.
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