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My name is Guy Joseph Ale, and I am the President of Lifespan Seminar, based in Los Angeles, California. I also serve as Vice President of Asia Pacific Association of Psychology.
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Tell us a little about where you originate from and family life growing up in such a place.
I was born in Georgia, which at the time was a republic of the Soviet Union. I was brought up there, in Uzbekistan (in central Asia,) and since the age of twelve, in Israel. Consequently, by my adolescence I’d already experienced several diverse cultures and customs and three different religions – Christianity in Georgia, Islam in Uzbekistan, and Judaism in Israel. This type of upbringing, coupled with the fact that I grew up without a father, can on the one hand lead to a sense of uncertainty, but on the other to a sense of liberation, because you learn firsthand that there’s no one “correct” way of doing things. People in different countries go about their lives in different ways, and all these ways work. This realization ingrained in me at an early age the fluid and open nature of existence, contributed to my inquisitive character, and led me to a lifelong practice of thinking outside of preconceived notions.
Tell us about your work at Lifespan Seminar.
We help individuals to live their longest and healthiest life by natural means. Our specialty is explaining that we have a latent capacity to sense how long we can live and teaching how to do this. When we are able to see the entire structure of our life we are better able to deal with the everyday challenges we confront.

To help participants gain this higher awareness of their mind, body, and energy, we first go out into the universe at large and then bring that large universe back into our own body. We describe the latest discoveries in new cosmology, neuroplasticity, superstring theory, and epigenetics to show that the consciousness animating the cosmos informs every cell in the human body. In essence, when participants access their innate intuition they access universal intelligence.

Next, we introduce Body Consciousness Techniques – meditation, pressure points, ring muscles, and touch triggers – to guide participants step-by-step in identifying in themselves their optimal duration of existence. However, understanding how long we could live is only the first part of the equation. The other crucial part is acquiring the Self-management Skills – breathing, good nutrition, sufficient rest, and active lifestyle – that would enable us to realize this potential.
Tell us how this program developed.
In my earlier career I received classical stage training at the Beth Zvi academy for the arts of stage and cinema, in Israel, where I acquired several psychosomatic disciplines, among them Tai Chi, Alexander Technique, and the Ring Muscles, the unified network of muscles through the human body which control the basic functions of existence: reproduction and self-preservation, respiration, heart regulation, blood circulation, digestion and elimination, and the muscular coordination through the body. I have been practicing the ring muscles routines daily for the past thirty-two years.

Following a medical crisis which completely incapacitated me to the point where I couldn’t move a single limb without debilitating pain, I had surgery on my lower back and then rehabilitation, and finally regained full control of my body. This near-death experience prompted me to ask what was the biggest understanding I had at that point about life and about myself. The clear answer was that I'd known how long I could live since 1992. This knowledge was the pinnacle of all my mental, physical, emotional, and intuitive powers.

For the past twenty-two years I’ve dedicated my professional life to researching the scientific, spiritual, behavioral, and evolutionary aspects of the perception that it is in our DNA to sense how long we can live and the practical applications of this insight in everyday circumstances. This research has led to the establishment of Lifespan Seminars which help individuals to understand the energy in their body and provide the tools to use this energy in the best possible manner. Just as a driver improves control of their car by knowing how much gas is in their tank, so each of us gains mastery of our life by understanding the energy in our body.
Tell us what inspires you in the work you do.
According to recent studies, 24 million Americans have diabetes, 79 million have pre-diabetes, one in three people in the U.S. is obese, while 23 million Americans have some kind of heart disease. Each of these individuals wants to be healthy but lacks the basic tools. It doesn’t help that the prevailing medical model is largely symptom-focused and reactive, rather than prevention-focused and proactive.

Since Lifespan Seminars address the wellbeing of the entire individual, rather than local symptoms of physical or mental maladies, our greatest satisfaction comes from instances as when a lady in her fifties who’d participated in the workshop says that she’d regained “control of her life with simple techniques of breathing and pressure points, from no longer being a time-bomb waiting to explode to learning not to stress about things over which I have no control.”

It is inspiring to see people recognize that the person with the most responsibility and authority for their overall wellbeing is themselves. By clearly understanding the processes taking place in their body and their body’s proper relationship to their mind and spirit, this newfound realization puts individuals in the driver seat of their vehicle of life.
Do you still hold the same passion in achieving and making a difference as you did when you first started out or do you find that you have been tired-out to the point of simply adapting to the system?
In fact, I feel an increasing responsibility to help the largest number of people to live the longest and healthiest life possible to them. Recent health statistics show that global obesity rates are rising steadily. This is especially true in industrialized English-speaking nations, such as United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, but more and more countries are joining this undesirable club.

It doesn’t have to be this way, because significant improvements in lifelong health can be achieved with small adjustments in daily life. Our mission at Lifespan Seminar is to demystify health, balance, and good nutrition, so it is not a privilege reserved for the lucky few but a basic birthright of everyone.
What do you think or feel will happen to health conditions if such issues are not addressed?
Due to advances in food production and distribution, as well as in medical treatments for advanced-age diseases, human life expectancy is increasing at a rate of about two years per decade. However, studies also indicate that if current obesity rates continue to climb along with their associated complications on overall heath, they will cause the life expectancy rates to reverse in two generations.
How do you go about trying to achieve these goals? Do you work with private individuals or institutions?
We conduct workshops in United States, Europe, and Asia. These workshops teach simple daily routines which create the conditions where participants can live the longest and healthiest life possible by natural means.

We have private clients in the U.S. and Israel. For our corporate clients, we provide workshops onsite to help individuals to effectively deal with the particular challenges they face in their work environment, such as dealing with stress, high burnout and absenteeism rates, or low productivity levels.

We also currently work with Young Scientists University, where Optimal Lifespan module is part of a curriculum in the Master of Arts in Psychology program. And recently Java Institute of Technological Studies, in Sri Lanka, inaugurated the Faculty of Creative Studies, and a department within the faculty has been designated for Lifespan Seminar studies.
Finally, if you could express a message to those who want to help others live healthier lives, what would that message be?
I think that we teach best by the way we live. Our conduct is our greatest instruction.
Published 2014-03-05.
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