Interview with Pedro Moreira Nt

Published 2020-12-09.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
My books are sold through my dares to show them to others that have different opinions about. Who that no likes is important to me, they are the image of my failure saying what I need to do to achieve their hopes. I show the cover in social networks, in other informal places. I think that to be essentially who I am it is a diferencial proposition where the technic and invisible place in the process like marketing changes the aspect of instrumentalist and functionalist, utilitarian of someone. I am, and this is complex, difficult to anyone that wants to be who they are. So, my daily activity since childhood is to write and think that I am a writer for this, but essentially because the people that follow me say that I am.
What do you write?
Well, I am writing for the first time little poems, short stories. I had the perception suddenly that I always wrote about themes that treat human morals, ethics, philosophy, but I write child story, I like. I did a personal pursuit to write romance, littles history. Frequently I write essays, I do not change my mode of writing. I think that I create a personal style writing complex things within what I am producing, creating. My works are complex, have an appearance naive, like were a narrative but found in the basis is something that came from my critical position about inequality, politically neglected so, I write in search of propositions that have more than meanings, possibility senses, feelings.
Who inspire you to write?
The people help me to write, I see what they are making, what they are searching for, in contrabalance I have perceived that the world is hard for all and we need hope.
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It is Magic book for who does has a desire to be a Mage, a wise, is for creates in the mind the hope to sharing. Not is a history but themes that in little waves leave this mark. An essay that not is an essay. The reader could to discovery that in certain sense it is a challenge, an adventure for mind. The magic is the life that contrary all trouble that humanity live today.
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