Interview with becky stone

What area are you hoping to be published in?
Erotic fiction. I have been inspired by Rebecca Ryatt, among others.
Do you do this for pleasure?
Yes, I don't expect to make any money from writing adult fiction but I really enjoy doing it and always have written stories that I find arousing.
Should fantasy and reality always be seperate?
No, I think it's great to act out your fantasies if you really want to, life is for living isn't it so why not, I have acted out a lot of mine you know.
Who are your readers? Are they mostly men?
I have had a lot of emails from female fans and male fans alike, some are a bit weird and stalky but that's ok, I don't mind
Describe your desk
Messy! It is cheap and broken in places but it is fine.
Published 2017-09-13.
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