Interview with Bruce Porter

What's the story behind your latest book?
I went to Ground Zero in New York City exactly one week after the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and served there as a firefighter/chaplain for several weeks. While working “the pile” (as the ruins came to be called) I became aware of some of the rich history of the Ground Zero area, especially as related to the founding of America.

Over the next decade I did a lot of historical research and was amazed to discover some incredibly interesting facts regarding the spiritual (and specifically Christian) heritage of America, and the mindset of the Founding Fathers. I also discovered an amazing mystery related to George Washington's presidential inauguration that frankly, shocked me.

While I shared several stories of my time there at Ground Zero in the book, a much larger and more important story began to emerge in the writing. I have become increasingly alarmed about the growing reach of government bureaucracies into nearly every aspect of our lives. It appears that our Constitution and Bill of Rights have been incrementally disregarded in the name of “security” or “social justice” and those of us who have tried to challenge these egregious new policies and Executive Orders are either ignored, or viciously attacked as racists, homophobes, woman-haters, etc.

The book is about rekindling the bright flames of liberty and freedom in the hearts of readers. The Founders' Fire still burns in those who love America!
Published 2013-09-24.
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