Interview with Miriam

How long have you been practicing astrology?
About fifteen years. I was always interested in the occult because I was raised in a strict Christian household. I moved away to New York City when I was 20, and shortly after, I got to be at Ground Zero on 9/11. A few weeks later, I was walking around a bookstore in attempt to do something that was once comforting for me. I saw a beginner astrology book. I was hooked.
What kind of astrology do you practice?
I practice western astrology, but I like to do something I call developmental astrology. People are meant to grow and change, so a natal chart is a reflection of the potential to grow and change, not a stagnant snapshot of a static personality. I like to write about astrology for new students, but I still work with clients.

I really like doing vocational astrology, but I will do natal chart analysis and relationship readings as well.
Why are you writing about astrology?
I think of myself as a natural teacher. I have taught in the past, and sometimes, I get the urge to drop everything, pick a country, and go teach ESL again. I enjoy teaching, and I think that astrology should be accessible to everyone. However, I also think that this study should be welcoming to new voices, and that there are no sacred cows. Iconoclasts, yes.
What else do you do?
I go to law school. No, seriously: I actually do that. Don’t ask me why. Right now, I’m having my summer break after first year and looking forward to a quasi-law related job that I hope will be super duper awesome. Yes, I will keep writing, now that I have finally figured out how Smashwords likes her tables of contents....
Did you use astrology to predict how you would do in law school?
Yes, but using horary methods to determine how you will do in a graduate school program is an iffy endeavor. Would it tell me how I would do over the course of 1 year, 3 years? What counts as good, anyway? Grades, experiences?

Here’s a little advice: if you have no control over the date you must take a big test, then I suggest that you don’t cast a chart for that day, because it will only make you feel worse.
OH, NO! Mercury is Retrograde! What should I do?
You should calm the f*ck down, Chicken Little. It’s not that bad.
Mercury rules communications, commutes, running errands, etc. and the writing of major things like contracts. It doesn’t rule contracts themselves or really big things, like airplanes. Sure, people forget to text, or there is a miscommunication, but it is rare that it causes a catastrophe. And maybe everyone is a little ditzy during a retrograde (but not me. I was born during Mercury Retrograde and I feel on top of my game mentally during Mercury Retrogrades).

Here’s the thing: before mainstream journalists began writing about Mercury Retrograde to fill up slow news days on major websites, most people had no idea these happened three or four times a year, and most people’s lives went on just the same. This is because we can live with the minor annoyances that delays and miscommunications cause.
Can you do a reading for me?
Absolutely! I take orders on my website at
What happens when the Moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars?
You get a spanking. That’s the actual dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Seriously, nothing happens. The moon is in the 7th house at any time somewhere in the world. It will be in the 7th house about twice a day from any geographic locations. Jupiter aligns with Mars like every 2.5 years. it doesn’t usher in an astrological age, which can last a few thousand years.
Astrologers are not in agreement as to which astrological age we currently live in; some believe that this is the Aquarian Age, while others think that we’re still in the Piscean Age.
And now you’re wishing you hadn’t asked, right? :)
OMG! There is a 13th sign now I’m not the sign I thought I was! I...literally....can’t....EVEN!
No. This comes up every year on a slow news day, but there are only 12 signs. There are only 12 solar months, regardless of the constellations. You are not a different sign.

Western astrologers have known for about 300 years that the constellations have appeared to shift in the night sky so that the sun doesn’t always appear in a certain constellation during the dates for that solar month. Unfortunately, newspaper reporters don’t know this. Ophiucus is a constellation, but it is not a sign, just as the Big Dipper is a constellation, not a sign. A sign is 30 degrees out of the 360 degrees of the sky, and it doesn’t matter what you call it. It is a connected to the seasons we experience on Earth, our home, where we live (which is why astrology isn’t heliocentric).
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I actually worked in print publishing as my first career, and I really enjoyed it (why yes, I am a Sagittarius). However, no one reads periodicals anymore. I left print publishing when it tanked, but I always wanted to get back into it in some form. There was a while some years ago where I wanted to start my own niche book publishing company. I guess I’m doing that now.

However, I would like to publish and promote the work of other authors.
Published 2016-06-10.
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