Interview with Hallett German

Published 2019-02-14.
What do your fans mean to you?
A source of much appreciation and inspiration! Thank you for all your support and evangelizing my work! I hope you enjoy the present and future efforts! I try to give all a fun and interesting read.
What are you working on next?
Updated 2/4/2019

I am working on a book that may never be published as well as the next generation of the Olivia Plymouth Series!.

To do
Amazi Stories Book 2
Olivia Book #5 (prequel)
What do you look for in writing?
An interesting challenge taking on a topic or perspective that I haven't done before. This is more true of short stories because they start with a blank page. But I've the same experience with Ghosts vs. Robots!, Saving Eddie, Missed Landing, Spiritual Storms, and Killing Thoreau.

For the three series, the boundaries are more set so it is more a question of where can I take my characters that will challenge them. As they grow and experience various aspects of life, hopefully so does the reader.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
A chance to make the world a better place through my thoughts, words, and actions. That's better than any video game!
Describe the challenges of each series
Updated 7/8/2015
Olivia Plymouth is the oldest series and most popular. It was always meant to be a four book arc. The challenge is after writing something is evaluating would Olivia really do that. The Boston Wedding took forever to release because there were far too many side plots and historical descriptions. It has a lot of humor, fashion, a mystery/adventure, and traveling. But in the end it is always about relationships and a sense of home. The last two books are quite different and focus more on Olivia's growth as a person. The ideas sat on the digital shelf for ten years!!

Amazi Series is the first one that I released. It takes some effort to be historically accurate and provide an alternative history on what could be invented at the time. The turn of the century was a time of growth and opportunity for the United States. I tried to capture some of the excitement and wonder of that time.

Corporate Intent Series popped out of nowhere and now has four books and a story. To me it is a Business Dysfunctional Corporate Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller with a nod to female readers! The area of Business and IT fiction that I like to see evolve. For Corporate Intent, there are no rules in the universe. Anything can happen. In each book, the DCRI staff are pushed far beyond their limits. The Finale , Book #4 Missing Syndicate lives up to the potential of the series. It is the first series that I have completed.

The Non-Series books allows taking on other topics such as IT, business, science, spirituality, and historical fiction.
How do you approach cover design?
I am fortunate to have a great illustrator in my daughter Alessandra. I discuss my vision and then she comes up something that is amazing. It is a lot of fun for both of us. She is available for hire for interested authors.
How many books do you have planned?
Updated 2-15-2019
Olivia Book 5 prequel, Amazi Chronicle finale, Olivia Plymouth the Next Generation.
Why do you write in so many genres?
To stay fresh, challenge myself and have fun. I would like to see more IT and Business fiction out there.
Tell me more on Project Z? (Saving Eddie)
There is unique historical paranormal fiction about a famous American figure -- Edgar Allan Poe. I wanted to tell his life through the eyes of his real-life brother (of which little is known) and a female admirer that follows him mostly from afar. There is a paranormal aspect on why Poe has the outlook that he does and a different explanation on what happened. It is now available for reading.
Would the three books in the In Small Doses series ever be published as one book?
This was partially done with Simply Business/IT. Plus new stories were added. I recently added a second edition.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The ability to start with a blank digital page and create a world or situation that I never could originally envision.
You finished Corporate Intent and Olivia Plymouth series. How did that feel?
Sad that it was ending. But great to having helped the characters grow throughout the series.
How can I find out what you are doing next? has the latest details.
Why write on Debroah Read Franklin?
To give this interesting woman her due!!! She greatly contributed to Ben's fortune by running his print shop and the post office. Debby also ran her household and raised two children to adulthood. And she knew her own mind and how to express her thoughts.
How many languages are you translated in
Two English and Portuguese. The Olivia Plymouth story is in the latter as a tribute to my second favorite language. It is not a mere translation but with specific changes. No others are planned.
What is this book you are working on that may never get published?
I like writing experimental books. They may not easy for readers to take all in at once. This new book is a successor to Waverly (story) and Shrouded Witness. Ten thousand words are written. Once done, will decide if I publish.
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