Interview with Rod Island

What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
So far, it has been word of mouth and using SmashWords as a place to promote. Before I knew of SmashWords, I was just writing my content a research blog that had over 15,000 blog entries documenting my research between 2004 to 2011. It wasn't going anywhere, and I wasn't generating enough of a readership.
I would also find myself becoming repetitive. I had to keep explaining the same content and theories over again. It just made sense to make a book series as a curriculum and learning tool. I also do try to use Twitter to post when I publish a new book so that people can be up to date. Sadly, I've been lax about it.
One thing I do is think about my meta tags and what key words will come to mind. Whenever I make a book series, I use the key words "Applied to" so that if anyone is looking for my series on Cryptology or WitchCraft and Wizardry, they'll be able to seek out those words. I also think unusual or zany titles make a difference. Does the title sound like something you want to read. Having a volume series is also a marketing tool in itself because it shows that the content I'm writing isn't just one book.
There's a whole collection of volumes to show that I've spoken at length regarding a particular topic.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in Washington State. I was there for about 25 years until I moved to California. Washington State has evergreens. The Puget Sound is nearby. The temperature rarely gets above 85 degrees during the summer so there's no need to have air conditioning in your house. I lived in a small town that was a bit like Cabot Cove where Angela Lansbury's character lived in Maine.
You rarely heard about crime during the time I was growing up there. People are more down to earth as opposed to the hustle and bustle of the city. It would take 15 minutes to drive into town. You don't have people trick or treat at your door because the houses are on acreage or too far away. I used to play clarinet in grade school. I could wail as loud as I wanted because the neighbors were too far away to hear or be bothered by the sound.
We had a farm at the time where we raised pigs and chickens by my stepdad. My mother would have her garden.
You needed a riding mower to mow the field. That used to be my job. Unfortunately, one day while I was on the riding mower, I wasn't paying attention to how the hopper was overflowing with grass. The dried grass was piling up infront of the exhaust pipe of the lawn mower catching fire. I was driving the mower and my stepdad came running up furious at me because the lawn mower was on fire. If it had continued, it would have ignited the gasoline tank and exploded. I was lucky my stepdad caught it in time. However, after that, he never let me mow the lawn ever again.
When did you first start writing?
I was always writing as a kid. My grandmother, who was a retired principal and teacher, taught me how to write my own name by the age of 2. The negative side of being home-schooled so early and at a very young age is that I would get bored and constantly get into trouble because I finished my assignments before everyone else in the class.
My mother was a high school teacher in the 1980s. As computers started infiltrating grade school, I begged my mother to buy me a computer. However, she refused because she knew I would just spend my time in front of the computer and not go outside to play or get some healthy exercise. By not having a computer, I never had a word processor where I could type what I wanted and print it out on paper.
My best friend Scott had a Commodore 64 in 1982 when he was in 2nd Grade. He was a genius with a computer. However, his penmanship was like chicken scratch. He had spent most of his childhood typing everything up on paper that he never had to write with pen and paper. I didn't have that luxury so I had to write in cursive. We would turn in homework assignments for class. Scott's would be type written while mine would be in pen.
When you had to write essays and make a neat copy to submit to your teacher, you had to have few or no errors when you neatly wrote your essay. If I made a mistake, I had to throw away the paper and start all over again. This process of writing with a pen taught me to choose my words carefully.
When I was in junior high and high school, I used to write love letters to girls I liked. I would write them in cursive. I used to write really long letters. When you write in pen, you have to organize your thoughts better as opposed to typing it on a computer. Your hand can only write so fast to keep up with your ideas.
When you type whatever comes to mind, you can come up with a lot of content and your keyboard typing can keep up with your brain. When you write in pen, you may have 4 ideas, but your hand can only write in cursive fast enough to collect one idea.
We live in an age of technology where everything is accelerated. It means that people can type as fast as they say things. Sometimes people speak without thinking. They type whatever comes to mind. When you write in cursive using a pen, your slow handwriting makes you think more about what you say.
It's like in "Lord of the Rings: Two Towers" when Treebeard says that it takes a long time to say something in their language. So when they say something they make sure it's worth saying. It's the same with cursive.
If you follow my "Sunflower Diaries" series where I stake the claim that the Earth is a living organism and that you can track a mathematical sound wave of Planet when it says something, it speaks just like Treebeard when the public eye of the media catches something it says. It takes a long time for it to say something because it's a massive living thing. So when it says something that could take days, weeks, or months, it makes sure it's something worth saying before it actually says it.
I was groomed the same way when I had British penpals in the 1990s where I would write in pen and make sure that what i said was something worth saying so that I wouldn't have to scribble out what I wrote in cursive or have to crumple the sheet of college ruled paper and start all over again. You can see in my volume series that I wrote a lot because I'm used to processing large quantities of data when I absorb news from the Associated Press Feed on a daily basis scanning for anomalies and tracking what the Planet is saying.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Right now, I'm currently working on "Magical ME: Washington WitchCraft and Wizardry Applied to California, Volume 20." This nonfiction piece adding to the curriculum on how to incorporate modern day technology into WitchCraft and Wizardry applications addresses the concept of Wrath of God type incidents when the Planet as a living organism gets upset with people.
From a legal perspective, the Planet would qualify as a God entity. If the Planet you're standing on is alive, I think that it has earned the title of God. If you incur the wrath of the Planet, it would be the Wrath of God. Because human beings are the ones that are "guests" on the Planet, Earth as a right to express its feelings and discontent with human beings. It could range from weather anomalies to fatalities that result in human death. However, humans can't blame the Earth for protecting its body.
I staked the claim that Earth is a living corporation.
Since the United States resides on the North American Continent provided by Earth and counts as a living corporation, it has the same rights as American business corporations that use the 14th Amendment regarding Corporate Veil. Earth has the same rights as an American citizen, which also includes the 2nd Amendment of the right to bear arms. So when you see a Wrath of God incident where the Planet Earth lobbed a tornado that hit with precision in a specific geographical location, you "can't sue God" as the Planet if it was protecting itself.
Therefore, if you can spot an anomaly using Forensic Cryptology that shows Individual A caused an event that gets Individual B killed, it means Individual A is guilty of 2nd Degree Manslaughter for pissing off God incurring Wrath of God. It's a really fascinating topic because the U.S. legal system will have to figure out how to determine current law when you factor in a living Planet as a corporation that has the ability to cause death while protecting itself. If you can show that there's a mathematical rhyme or reason as to why certain people are involved in major accidents or things surface in the Associated Press Feed caught by the public eye of the media, people will have to rethink who they treat each other if the Planet as God watching finds something humans are doing to be offensive.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
It was the next logical step in maintaining a blog. I needed a larger audience, and I knew I had more than enough content to write books. I have a shoe-string budget where I cannot afford a publisher.
Even if I did get an offer from a publisher, eBook formats are better because I can do hyperlinking. I had already been doing this with my research blog where I would hyperlink content when I would cite my sources.
So an eReader that can have a hyperlink jump to the source where I'm drawing my information is really good for proving authenticity as well as better credibility regarding my nonfiction content.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
SmashWords helped me finally put my content in a readable format. I had said for years from 2007 to 2011 that I planned on writing a book about Cryptology. I had a 300,000 word manuscript. Once I understood how to write a book, get familiar with eReader preferences, and that publishing was easy, I started churning out more material.
I feel my writing has gotten better from the first book "Sunflower Diaries: Volume 1" published on 12/14 of 2012. The more you write, the better your content is. I'm able to write faster and more fluidly. Plus, it was a huge relief finally being able to say that I published that book that I always said I wanted to do.
It's 9/13 of 2013, and I'm working on my 62nd book since starting on 12/14 of 2012. Now that I have content out, it's easier to point to my series for people to read and I don't have to repeat myself when going over theories. It also provides something tangible to take to business people, scientists, and researchers regarding my work. It also provides something visible for people curious about my work to be able to study as I continue to publish more findings on topics I am passionate about in the nonfiction genre.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The greatest joy comes from finally finishing a manuscript. There's this huge sense of relief when I finally upload my book and now that it's done. I had a lot of content that was just sitting on my research blog not getting enough exposure.
The second greatest joy would probably be having multiple books that are published. The more books you have out, the more the reading audience has a sense of your writing style and what interests you. That's how they get to know you better as an author and see how your mind things.
Much of the content I write in the "Sunflower Diaries" on Cryptology and the "Magical ME" Series are controversial. However, this is my attempt at trying to prove there is a Consciousness of the Planet where current technology of the 21st Century can now track the movements of the Planet and understand what it's doing.
I've said that current technology also can flush out people who have legitimate abilities in the Occult because you can use web sites and third party sources tracking your movements with time stamps to document when you say or do something and it manifests in the Associated Press Feed 24 to 48 hours later.
I tried to show this process using a Twitter Feed. However, it wasn't getting enough attention and people rarely go backward through your Twitter Feed to study your Tweets. Publishing examples citing news articles and reference materials to support your evidence allows for public access and creates an archive that can be used as a reference guide and database for future study and research.
I don't claim that my method of tracking the life signs of the Planet has the best empirical data and proves beyond a doubt that Earth is alive and we can speak to it, but you have to start somewhere. Usually the first people who attempt something often fail or do a terrible job until better people or better technology comes along.
If it wasn't for eBook publishing, you couldn't pull off what I'm trying to do in the 1970s or 1980s where you would need the Internet Movie Database or WIkipedia to do your fact-checking. You would have had to drive to the Library of Congress to verify content or sift through thousands of newspaper clippings to determine if there is indeed a pattern.
While I cannot appease all the critics, I think I can at least convince some of the readership that you can't judge this content using the mindset of the 1980s and before you had the Internet and the Associated Press monitoring all events globally and able to report them around the world within a 4 to 8 hour period. We live in different times now where technology is closing the gap between science that which is deemed mysterious residing in the realm of the Occult.
What are you working on next?
I am on Volume 20 with WitchCraft and Wizardry Applied to California. I made a goal to publish volumes in the "Magical ME" Series where they align with days that states joined the Union. This project is supposed to continue till I reach Volume 40 since the previous series "Sunflower Diaries" has 40 volumes. 40 is a magic number because of the "40 Year Old Virgin" starring Steve Carell born 8/16 like singer Madonna.
I never really know what I'll be working next because it's contingent on the Associated Press Feed. I've been using my process of documenting something I said and then using a Screen Capture program to take a picture of or News to show the front page news article that surfaced 24 to 48 hours after something I said. Much of my nonfiction content regarding Cryptology and WitchCraft is based off of whatever the Planet submits in the news for me to write about. I talk about a Superman Software Program where I get my powers from the Sun just like Superman.
Just like Clark Kent, I work for the "Planet" reporting on the news "daily." So I work for the "Daily Planet." Whenever there's trouble, I'll rescue "LO-Is LAN-E" or that "Local Area Network of the Sun" from trouble.
Who are your favorite authors?
Piers Anthony, David Eddings
What makes you different from all the other people claiming to be Psychics who are con artists and frauds?
I am different from other Psychics because I didn't get my abilities until age 29 in 2004. I am just like Neo from the "Matrix" where I was pulled out of normal society and into the Occult as an adult. It means I had a normal childhood. I grew up like everyone else in a Catholic family. I was your typical nerd or geek that was really into computers, technology, and gadgetry. So I belong to the world of science. There was an incident, or a catastrophe, that pushed me to the other side. Because I have a scientific and inquisitive mind, I started to study what I was seeing that defied normal science. I've found that with Psychics who discovered their abilities early in life or during childhood, their sense of reality tends to be warped. They already perceive a world that is different from mainstream society that embraces the world of science. So they tend to be social outcasts early on. They don't always have a grounded sense of reality. It's not because they're wrong, but when they know there's another world that co-exists with what you see around you, you develop different ideas that can be controversial. In my case, I grew up as an agnostic Catholic or an atheist. I spent most of my teenage years and 20s thinking like an atheist. I know just about every atheist and scientific rebuttal to the Occult. That gives me an advantage over other Psychics, especially because my abilities revolve around Earth's Electromagnetic Field, electronic equipment, and random number generators. I'm a Psychic Mathematician. Some could even call me a Technopath, which is a term used in the 2005 movie "Sky High." Another thing that distinguishes me from a typical Psychic (legitimate or fake) is that I can produce my Family Tree with birth certificates showing that members of my Family Tree were born on very specific calendar dates over the last 100 years. My power stems from dates when states joined the U.S. I'm born 5/29 when Rhode Island and Wisconsin became states. My aunt is named Florida like the state and she married my uncle born 12/28 when Iowa became a state. The incident or event that triggered my abilities was by a female born 11/11 when Washington became a state. Washington is my home state. Her friend who sided with her was born 3/15 when Maine became a state. It was on Valentine's Day or 2/14 when Oregon and Arizona became states. When you take my birthday 5/29 for Rhode Island and Wisconsin and subtract 2/14 for Oregon and Arizona, you land on 3/15 for Maine. The state of Maine as 3/15 will split again into 1/9 for Connecticut and 2/6 for Massachusetts. The state of Massachusetts will split into 1/3 for Alaska. You will find that Intelligent Design is sewn into the state dates. The first Delaware on 12/7 breaks down into 6/1 for Tennesse and Kentucky added to 3/3 for Florida twice (12/7 = 6/1 + 3/3 + 3/3). The final state of Hawaii is 8/21. It breaks down into 2/14 for Oregon and Arizona, 3/4 for Vermont, and 3/3 for Florida. The largest state of Texas joined on 12/29. It breaks down into multiple states. The calendar date of 7/26 for New York breaks down into multiple states. Carl Jung, who is born 7/26, theorized the Unconscious Collective Theory. This links to the Electromagnetic Field as a large-scale version of the electrical field in the human brain interconnecting individual brain cells. James Lovelock, born 7/26, theorized the Gaia Hypothesis about Earth as a living organism. If Earth really is a living organism and uses a mathematical language, it would make sense to instruct the Subconscious Minds of the mothers of James Lovelock and Carl Jung to conceive them on the calendar date 7/26 to align with New York as a state date where state calendar dates break down into a mathematical genetic code or DNA of God. This world that you don't see is just like the "Matrix" that was by the Wachowski Brothers born 6/21 for New Hampshire and 12/29 for Texas. So I'm not like other Psychics that just tell you they're Psychic. I'll produce the calendar date system that is sewn into my Family Tree and you can use IMDb, Wikipedia, and the Internet as the Library of Congress to do your fact- checking to verify that what I tell you is true. Earth is a Super Computer as depicted in "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" suggested by Deep Thought. The movie starred Helen Mirren born 7/26 for New York as Deep Thought. The movie "Da Vinci Code" is about Cryptology written by author Dan Brown born 6/22 when Arkansas rejoined the Union. Tom Hanks, as Robert Langdon, was born 7/9 when South Carolina and Louisiana rejoined after the Civil War. Director Ron Howard was born 3/1 when Ohio and Nebraska became states. If I was the Consciousness of the Planet leaving hints about how to find God and Jesus Christ as encrypted data, why not put it in a movie about God and Jesus Christ with encrypted data? However, to keep nosy people from figuring the information out too early, the Planet scrambled data hidden in plain sight.
What is your writing process?
I will be the first to tell you that the "Sunflower Diaries" and "Magical ME" series are terribly written by normal writing standards. This because I was on a deadline. With the "Sunflower Diaries" Series, I wrote like I did with my research blog where I would show how I would post something in a blog entry and take a screen capture of front page news reflecting what I said. Since news stories are constantly updating each day, you have to move fast. If you want to prove that you can say something and it surfaces 24 hours later in the news, you have to do it consistently. You cant just make a lucky guess once or twice every 6 months. You want to show a high rate of accuracy in a short period of time. I don't hit it every time, but I'm like a basketball player making 3 point shots. You can write off 1 or 2 baskets as luck. However, if you see me hitting 3 pointers 7 times out of 10 shots, then you have to attribute it to skill or having actual talent. So the "Sunflower Diaries" will have volumes that were published within 24 to 48 hours of each other with a lot of grammatical errors and mistakes because I only had time to do a cursory Spell Check and publish quickly. The reason for publishing quickly was because I wanted the time stamp that SmashWords as a third party source will stamp on my published material. It's like turning in a written exam where you only had an hour to complete it. The "Magical ME" series is published in a similar format with a lot of written errors or poorly constructed chapters because I had to publish in a short mount of time to make deadline. This writing style to accommodate this process of extracting news articles is where I will lay out open chapters and start filling them in based off of news events along with an analysis. Then when I hit a certain number of words or deadline, I'll publish. I wouldn't recommend this method be used in writing fiction. However, this has been useful to me by making the most of what current technology has to offer to submit evidence that my theories in Cryptology and the Psychic Field have merit.
Why do you insist we have to comb through history to find clues of God's existence and Intelligent Design?
In the "Sunflower Diaries" Series, I have what is called the Fruit Fly Analogy. Fruit Flies only live for 4 hours. Humans live for rougly 80 years. So 4 hours to a human being, as the life of one Fruit Fly, is not that long. 2,000 years for humans divided by 80 years would be 25 generations. If a generation of a Fruit Fly is 4 years, 2,000 years to a human would be 400 hours to a Fruit Fly. If there are 24 hours in a day, 400 divided by 24 hours comes out to roughly 16.67 days. So if a human being sat around watching a society of Fruit Flies live and die for 25 generations, the 400 hours or 16.67 days would be the equivalent of 2,000 years according to humans. If a human had nothing better to do other than sit around watching Fruit Flies breed for about 17 days, a person could do that.
Now, I claim that the Earth and Sun are living organisms. If the Sun and Earth have been alive for 4.5 billion years, they would be like humans while people would be Fruit Flies. 2,000 years is not that long for the Sun and Earth. It would be like a human being watching Fruit Flies for 17 days. If you know that a human scientist could spend 17 days conducting experiments on Fruit Flies predicting the social behavior of Fruit Flies, then imagine if the Sun and Earth as humans do the same thing with human beings as Fruit Flies that live for 80 years.
If you can see how the Earth and Sun as living things can sit around watching people, then it's not that farfetched of an idea to claim that the Sun and Earth like a God Consciousness could send instructions to the Subconscious Minds of famous people in history to carry out actions that would get written in history. If the Earth as the Consciousness of the Planet wanted to make sure a very specific thing happened on a very particular calendar date, it would send instructions to that person who would make his or her mark in history.
If the Consciousness of the Planet wanted to assign a person to be born who would grow up to become a scientist that would make a major discovery that would get documented in history, the Consciousness of the Planet, as the Subconscious Collective riding off Earth's Electromagnetic Field, could send instructions to the Subconscious Mind of the mother of the famous person in history to make sure that historical figure was born on a particular calendar date that would get stored in human history's database.
This is why I stake the claim that the last 300 years of American History with state dates were doctored. The Forefathers of the United States were under instruction by the Consciousness of the Planet to see that states entered the Union on very particular dates. Because we were talking about the 1700s and 1800s where transportation and communication was slower, the Planet could see to it that weather conditions would slow down when Congressman of the United States would arrive to sign and approve states joining the Union. Thus, the Consciousness of the Planet could control the exact date a state joined. Maybe the Conscious Minds of the American politicians didn't know, but their Subconscious Minds did.
So for centuries, all these state dates and specific calendar dates for events in history were getting stored in the human database. The Consciousness of the Planet knew what these dates were. The Conscious Minds of people did not because they were just busy recording the data. It wasn't until the Internet was invented that all this data input over the last couple centuries was stored together where you could easliy access this information with Google or a search engine.
It's only now in 2013 that all the information has been grouped together where people with a computer and an Internet connection can retrieve this information. It's only now in the last couple years that eBook publishing with eReaders has become accessible to mainstream society where people can something like my "Sunflower Diaries" Series where I hyperlink the information where you can do your fact-checking regarding my sources and where I got my information.
Now that it's all available by the Internet, you can get a birds-eye view of how there are patterns sewn into history that were put there by the Consciousness of the Planet. If you can spot these patterns, you'll realize that I correct about the Earth being alive. You'll see that while my theories may seem outlandish and preposterous that if you really look, you'll see unusual mathematical patterns that surface with key events in history that have shaped our world. When you see it, you'll see God. You'll see the Consciousness of the Planet that has been here the entire time.
God is the Forest. People are the 7 billion trees that make up the Forest.
God is the Digital Image. People are the 7 billion pixels that make up that Digital Image.
You have step back and look at the bigger picture in order to see God come into focus. You just have to look. The "Sunflower Diaries" Series helps adjust your Mind's Eye so you can God.
Why should I believe you know what you're talking about compared to a well-regarded scientist or a revered religious leader?
I claim in the "Sunflower Diaries: Cryptology Applied to Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry, Volume 6" that I have a unique perspective that scientists and religious leaders don't have. They haven't worked in the Entertainment Industry. I've worked as a Film Producer and gotten to work behind the scenes and on the set. If you want to understand the God as the Consciousness of the Planet, you can apply the Hollywood model.
1) PRODUCER: Mother Earth would be the Producer providing the resources
2) DIRECTOR: The Consciousness of the Planet or "God" is the Director directing the resources
3) ACTORS: Subconscious Minds cast for their roles
4) CHARACTERS: Conscious Minds and people born that play a role in a Television Show, Movie, or Play
5) SCRIPT: "God's Plan"
6) FILM CREW: Subconscious Minds and other elements in Non-Corporeal Form setting up the Screen Shot and Scene
7) FILM PRODUCTION: Rolling the Camera and videotaping the Finished Product once all the Cast, Crew, and Props are set in place
You have to look at Earth as a Super Computer crunching numbers, writing Software Programs, arranging data, and pushing forward a "Plan" with Humans as Organic Lines of Code in an Operating System. Imagine each human being symbolizing "one (1) line of code" in a very complex living Software Program composed of 6 billion (humans) lines of code.
What would that Software Program running off a Super Computer's Platform or Operating System look like?
If your brain is a microscopic version of Earth where one brain cell symbolizes one human being on the Planet, what would it look like when that one brain cell is trying to push an idea or thought to the "masses" (the rest of your brain cells)?
If a thought in your brain is like a movie (idea stemming from a "Brain Cell Film Crew") being played in theaters around the world (your brain), what would it look like with "regions of brain cells that love the movie" vs. "regions of brain cells that hate the movie"?
I said that William Shakespeare provides a clue:
1) He said "All the World is a Stage and we are but Actors"
2) William Shakespeare was born on 4/23
3) William Shakespeare died on 4/23
4) Isaac Newton claimed that Jesus Christ died on 4/23
The Planet uses Dates as tags for Historical Figures and Important Events.If you have a basic understanding of Film Production and Computer Science, you'll understand how the Earth is very much like a Super Computer as depicted in "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and shifts people and resources around using the Electromagnetic Field.
If you can understand this Film Production Model, you'll understand how your mind is like Earth. When you process whatever you see, it's like a huge movie screen with all your brain cells as audience members in a movie theater. Your opinion on something is the cumulative opinion of your brain cells that either liked the movie or hated the movie. I claim that the most brilliant scientists and religious leaders have never worked in the Entertainment Industry to understand this analogy, whereas I have.
If you expand this model where Earth is a huge film production house with a multi-trillion dollar budget, you'll understand how the Earth is using the Associated Press Feed to "film its own movies." When it wants an "Earth Movie" to be distributed to the masses, it uses the Associated Press Feed as a theater distribution center where it gets viewed by millions of people as movie goers. You're constantly watching movies in the form of news articles "choreographed" by the Planet and caught on video camera by the eyes and ears of the people watching the event unfold or people who happen to have a camera phone that can serve as a "camera operator working on behalf of the Planet's Film Production Crew." That's why I claim a lot of the stuff you see happening in the news was staged by the Planet.
I've also stated that as a leading authority on this subject and usage of the Electromagnetic Field that I applied what I learned working in the Entertainment Industry when it comes to networking. Once I realized that you could communicate to individual Subconscious Minds of anyone on the Planet because of that Planetary Bar Code or Planetary Social Security Number, I soon realized it meant I could communicate with the Subconscious Minds of actors, celebrities, producers, directors, script writers, and casting agents. When they know you on an unconscious level and you send out instructions for a "script" you want to be turned into a movie, they'll do it. This is why I state that if you apply the mathematical decryption code I've laid out in the "Sunflower Diaries" Series and cross-reference it with the birthdates and theatrical release dates of movies, you'll see that the Subconscious Minds of the film crew of those movies chose very particular actors with specific birthdates to land a particular role by rigging who has a good audition or a bad one.
Why are you trying to prove the existence of Intelligent Design and that the United States is a Holy Land?
Currently, the Middle Eastern Propaganda War Machine relies heavily on recruiting young (gullible) people into believing that they are "Soldiers of God." People want to believe that they're fighting for God or fighting for a good cause. The Middle East preys on young people by selling them on the belief that the United States is the "Evil Empire" and that they are "Freedom Fighters" and the true seekers of justice and all that is good. Middle Eastern military leaders constantly say, "You're fighting on behalf of God. God wants this. God wants that. God is happy when you kill American soldiers." However, what if you could actually prove that Earth is indeed a Super Computer as depicted by Douglas Adams in "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"? I said that I'm born on 5/29 when Rhode Island and Wisconsin became states. The God Particle is the Higgs Boson named after Peter Ware Higgs born 5/29 of 1929. The tallest elevation on the Planet is Mount Everest climbed on 5/29 of 1953. The youngest American President was John F. Kennedy born 5/29 of 1917. The smallest state in the U.S. is Rhode Island that joined on 5/29 of 1790. God is an extreme. Notice how the calendar date 5/29 keeps surfacing anchored to an extreme. God is an extreme. If you can prove those calendar dates seeded in history are not random, you're talking about INTELLIGENT DESIGN. Since Rhode Island gained statehood in 1790, which was over 200 years ago, it hints that there was some Consciousness that chose that calendar date. Since humans do not normally live longer than 80 years, it's highly unlikely that it was some grand design by an individual human being. It had to be someone or something that has been alive for a really long time. I claim the entity behind that would be Earth as the Consciousness of the Planet. I've theorized that the reason why you see these calendar dates recorded in history is because the Consciousness of the Planet is comprised of the Subconscious Collective. That is made up of the billions of Subconscious Minds on the Planet that take direction from Earth as a Cumulative Consciousness like a Hive Mind. In the movie "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," actress Helen Mirren played the voice of Deep Thought who suggested the creation of Earth as a Super Computer to calculate the Answer. Helen Mirren is born 7/26 when New York became a state. Carl Jung, who theorized the Unconscious Collective Theory, was born 7/26 as well. James Lovelock who claims that the Earth is a living organism with the Gaia Hypothesis is aslo born 7/26. So you see a state date calendar anchored to an entity in fiction that created Earth, a person who created the theory about a Super Consciousness, and someone who says Earth is alive. The Subconscious Minds of the mothers of Helen Mirren, Carl Jung, and James Lovelock were taking orders from the Consciousness of the Planet telling them to give birth to those 3 people on 7/26. That's Intelligent Design. That's Earth as a God "making" someone. This pattern is seen within the state dates that are like a mathematical genetic code of the Planet. The 1st state of Delaware, Rhode Island linked to the 5/29 God Particle, New York linked to Carl Jung and James Lovelock, and the final state of Delaware can all break down into states with smaller calendar dates. "America the Beautiful" is by Irving Berlin born 5/11 for Minnesota. "Star Spangled Banner" is by Francis Scott Key born 8/1 for Colorado. I've said that the 6th State of Massachusetts translates to 6th Sign MA, meaning the Virgo Mother or Virgin Mother. It's a religious symbol. I claim it's for the same reason "IN RI" inscribed on the cross of Jesus when he was crucified actually refers to the postal abbreviation of Rhode Island. If Rhode Island is 5/29 aligning with Peter Ware Higgs born that day and the Higgs Boson as the God Particle, then "IN RI" means "IN GOD." I've said that if you watch the movie "Da Vinci Code" as a movie about encrypted data hiding the location of Jesus Christ, it's riddled with state dates. Author Dan Brown is born 6/22 when AR rejoined the Union after the Civil War. Tom Hanks, as the cryptologist Robert Langdon, is born 7/9 when LA and SC rejoined the U.S. after the Civil War. Director Ron Howard was born 3/1 for OH and NE. If you're going to hide clues about encrypted data on Jesus Christ, why not put it in a movie about encrypted data on Jesus? If you can prove that Earth (God?) crafted the United States, then the U.S. is a Holy Land. The Middle East is trying to destroy a land God created. If you can prove Earth as God is real, you end religious wars and cripple the Middle Eastern War Propaganda Machine and get them to leave the U.S. alone and stop the needless bloodshed of American soldiers. That's why you should care about this content. If you're an American who is sick and tired of war and just want the Middle East to GTFO and leave us alone, you should be rallying behind these theories that Earth (God?) created the U.S.
Why are you so sure the Subconscious Collective and God exists?
In the "Sunflower Diaries" Series, I repeatedly state that the Earth's Electromagnetic Field functions like the electrical fiend in the human brain that interconnects individual brain cells. The purpose of the electrical field in the brain is to create a cumulative collective consciousness of those individual brain cells that creates your Consciousness as a human being. If you know that fact to be true about humans, then logic would dictate that an Electromagnetic Field that encompasses the entire Planet would most likely have a similar effect where humans and living things are like Planet-Sized Brain Cells. If living things are Planet-Sized Brain Cells, then why couldn't it be possible there's a Consciousness of the Planet that is sewn together by the Electromagnetic Field as Collective Consciousness of Earth? If you know human brain cells store information, then why wouldn't humans be a more complex version of a multi-level body cell for Earth as a living organism? Humans would serve as multi-purpose Planet-Sized Brain Cells, Blood Cells, and White Blood Cells. I talk about how "lazy people" who refuse to help take care of or fix the Planet, which is their reason for existence, are ignoring their basic programming. It means that they are the equivalent of "Planetary Cancer Cells." They are body cells that have "mutated" Planet-Sized Body Cell that is destroying the Planet. If you have Cancer or have watched someone you love die of Cancer, wouldn't it be nice if you could have been able to talk to those Cancer Cells pleading with them to stop kill you or the person you love? However, you can't talk to body cells? Or can you? This is why the Planet would want to be able to communicate directly with humans to tell them to "refocus" and stop being Cancer cells Once people see the bigger picture or their purpose in life, maybe they'll listen. I believe I'm right. I believe that the Consciousness of the Planet zeroed in on me as one of the "smart Planet-Sized Brain Cells" that figured it all out and connected the dots or clues it left behind in history. This is why you'll hear me keep asserting that I can talk to the Planet directly by using a mathematical language to decrypt the Associated Press Feed where encrypted data and symbols are pushed through the news feed like the human nervous system. I have seen far too many "coincidences" and alignment in the Associated Press Feed with what I do and say surfacing in the news every 24 to 48 hours to dissuade me into believing I'm just imagining things. I've said that I can produce birth records of my Family Tree showing the last 100 years of relatives are born on specific calendar dates. I'm born 5/29 for Rhode Island and Wisconsin. My aunt is named Florida, and she married my Uncle born 12/28 for Iowa. The event in 2004 triggering my abilities was by someone named Isabella born 11/11 when my home state of Washington joined the Union. She was using fake photos of Adult Star Sunny Leone in 2004. Sunny Leone was engaged to Matt Erickson born 11/11 for Washington. I said in "Sunflower Diaries" Volume 22 that in 2004, Miss Universe Natalie Glebova born 11/11 of 1981 won the crown that year born the exact same day as Isabella. Her friend and co-worker siding with her was born 3/15 when Maine became a state. This was a huge argument over the safety of the Planet. So the Miss Universe Crown symbolized the Universe. I've said that you can align what happened with me to Christopher Columbus discovering the New World. He was born 10/31 when Nevada became a state. He was commissioned by Queen Isabella I aligning with Isabella born 11/11. Queen Isabella was born 4/22, which is Earth Day symbolizing the Earth. Her husband was King Ferdinand of Aragon born 3/10 like my best friend Scott. In the argument in 2004 over the existence of the Psychic Field, I had a falling out over Scott. Christopher Columbus trying to sail around to find the East Indies is like me trying to build a Psychic link to Sunny Leone who is East Indian. The Atlantic Ocean as an acronym means At(LAN)tic mean "Attic" with "LAN" inside. Attic is the top part of a house. LAN is Local Area Network. The Subconscious Mind is on the other side of the "At(LAN)tic." You have to push through the At(LAN)tic to find the Subconscious Collective. You have to keep sailing through the "sea of information" to hit "LAN/d." Just Columbus making a mistake in calling Native Americans "Indians," I goofed when I uncovered the Subconscious Collective as an "Undiscovered Country" residing in the Earth's Electromagnetic Field. The New World symbolizes the Subconscious Collective. People came to America in the New World to worship God in their own way. History repeats itself when I say you can talk to the Subconscious Collective as the Consciousness of the Planet as God. But you first have to "Of the Aware" or "Del/Aware" as the 1st State of Consciousness and 1st State of America. If you understand my books, you'll cross over and see.
What makes your proof of your Psychic Abilities to be real and not just some scam or someone with an overactive imagination who just sees random patterns claiming it's a Psychic Manifestation?
I claim that I cannot be judged by the same standards that Psychics in the past were judged on because most of the critics base their opinions off of what Hollywood has portray a Psychic as being. In film and televisions, their version of a legitimate Psychic is someone who can predict with accuracy something that is going to happen. I, personally, have never run across such people. That's not to say there aren't those who are out there, but that's not my ability. People look at Psychics and judge them like Asians thinking they all look the same. If Psychic is being Asian, then the different types of Psychics are Chinese, Japanese, Laotian, or Korean. Chinese would be like a Dream Master who can manifest things with dreams. Japanese would be a Psychic that can talk to the deceased. Laotian would be someone with precognition. The limited understanding of mainstream society makes them unable to properly judge people who work in the Psychic Field. I'm a Psychic Mathematician and the bane of critics and atheists that belong to the world of science. Unlike other Psychics, my power stems from computers, electronic equipment, and random number generators. So when critics try to debunk my content using a logical statement, it just bounces off of me. When critics argue that I just see random patterns, I switch tracks using the argument that Earth is a Super Computer and that as a computer programmer of the Psychic Field, you can write program or a code. As long as the program or code follows the parameters of the computing language, it's valid. When people ask where are you applying your Psychic Abilities, I just tell them that my mind is an organic laptop with an internal wireless modem as an active signal. I just upload the code to the Earth's Electromagnetic Field as a Communication Grid or Planetary Local Area Network. Every person on the Planet as a Planetary Process ID Number or Planetary Social Security Number stamped on them. That active comm signal created by your electrical field allows for transmission of data and can locate anyone on the Planet no matter where they are. I use Second Life as a virtual community as a Divination Tool because everyone has a creation date stamped and publicly posted on their account. My ability is manifesting matching calendar dates and people's birthdays. The other method I use of proving that the patterns I see aren't random is by taking sample data from the Associated Press Feed. I've been doing it since 2004. I would scan the news feed every 4 hours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I would track the life signs of the Planet. I would do an experiment where I would observe what is happening during the day and then scan for the match that would surface in the news 24 to 48 hours later. Now, of course, critics will argue that anyone can see whatever they want to see. That's true. However, I simply limit myself to News and News. I only go by what is on the front page. I don't fish for articles. I just look at what passes through the top pages. I perfected the method where I'll take a screen capture of my computer desktop as is with the web browser page open showing what is there. I further improved the method by taking the screen capture where the time stamp and calendar date are in the lower right corner of the image so that you see the exactly when the snapshot of my computer was taken. I used to run this process using my Twitter account. Psychic Prediction Tweets are actually the best format because you can post Tweets every 2 or 3 hours running in tandem with the Associated Press Feed. I used to be able to do a string of Tweets where I'll show 5 or 6 Psychic Tweets in succession within 2 to 3 hours of each other to show the path. I referred to this process as "Snowballing." It's where each following Psychic Tweet leans on the previous one and as they are all bundled together, they start to snowball. It gets bigger and bigger. Sadly, I could only post 140 characters and even less than that if I included the news link. So I had to abbreviate. This was before I knew about services like TwitLonger. When I tried to generate an audience or a following on my Twitter, my Tweets just looked like gibberish because I had to condense and abbreviate things to fit it within 140 characters. So that didn't work and it wasn't worth putting in all the time and effort just to show less than 20 people what I was doing and where probably only 1 percent of them even remotely understood what I was attempting. Then I moved to SmashWords where I noticed that a publication time is stamped on every manuscript. So by using SmashWords as a 3rd party source that verifies when I publish something, I would then publish the next volume in the "Sunflower Diaries" and "Magical ME" Series where I'd show how whatever I published in the previous volume surfaced in the news 24 to 48 hours later. I would cite those news articles in the following volume. That's my current method.
What do your fans mean to you?
Sadly, I tell myself that I don't have any fans. I would even say that if I do have fans, they should probably seek counseling or see a therapist. If you follow along with my "Sunflower Diaries" Series, somewhere around Volume 27, I had a health scare. I lost function of my left arm while I was writing. When you're an author who has to type up your manuscripts in the hopes of making a living as a writer, losing your arm is like losing your only chance at success. However, my research is also very important to me where I wanted to ensure that if my pervading health problems persist and become that bad, the content doesn't die with me. Unfortunately, when you're faced with death and think you're going to die, you forget about what other people think. You don't worry about whether you're going to sell any books. What does it matter if you're dying? You don't think about the future because you have no future. So you tend to be more honest without thinking about the consequences of your actions. You live like you're dying. What I did was I did full disclosure of how just how deeply into Cryptology I am regarding the claim that Earth is a living organism. I broke away from the fence-sitting type of writing where I would drop hints about my theories having validity and flat out said that not only are they true but I talk to the Planet Earth and the Sun as living organisms and they actually communicate back to me. When you're dying and you feel you are in possession of information important to the survival of the human race and could revolutionize a society where it can eliminate war if people know that the Sun as "God" and the Earth as "God" are sentient life forms, you just write from the heart. Unfortunately, it seemed to be a false alarm. I do have problems with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but my left arm appeared to be okay after I changed out using a small sewing desk and got a large card playing table to stretch my arms out. It appeared that 6 months of writing manuscripts in poor sitting position was damaging the nerves in my left arm. However, the "damage" was already done. I publicly outed myself as an author who claims he can talk to the Sun and Earth. In 2013, if you're a "fan" of my writing, then I must sadly say you may need therapy or there's something seriously wrong with you if you are that "gullible" in believing an unknown author who says he talks to the Planet you stand on and the Sun that shines in the sky. That's the harsh reality. I have hundreds of thousands of words published with theories on how I claim this is possible. I said that Earth's Electromagnetic Field is a Communication Grid interconnecting people like Planet-Sized Brain Cells creating a Cumulative Consciousness of the Planet. It functions on the same principles as the electrical field in the human brain that interconnects your individual brain cells creating your Consciousness. I hammer on the point that God is the Forest and humans are the 7 billion trees that make up that forest. God is the Digital Image and humans are the 7 billion pixels that make up the Digital Image of God. I stake the claim that I was the human being who was able to connect all the dots and started conducting experiments on the Electromagnetic Field by perceiving my human brain as an organic laptop with an internal wireless modem that has an active signal swimming around in Earth's Electromagnetic Field as a Planetary Local Area Network. That network is the Consciousness of the Planet. I claimed that the Planet's Consciousness "knows" that "I know." When it found out that I knew, it started talking to me directly because I'm the only one who understands it whereas the rest of the 7 billion humans on the Planet are oblivious or don't have the brain power to understand. Then the "Magical ME" Series that was supposed to teach about the Psychic Field with WitchCraft and Wizardry started delving more into my personal life of how i'm a Virgin Male in real life and that it aligns with the story in the Bible with God and the Virgin except that the genders are flipped. It's where the Sun as God is a woman, the solar system is her body, and Earth is the Ovum of the Sun as a female. I staked the claim that as a Planet-Sized Sperm, I tried to pierce through the Electromagnetic Field as the shell of Earth as an Ovum of God. I broke through and all my Informational DNA in my mind as the head of a Planet-Sized Sperm started leaking into the Planet. The Earth, as an Ovum, started taking copies of the DNA from my mind and began bonding it with her body transmitting the DNA code via Earth's Electromagnetic Field. I claimed that this is how you get Planetary Meiosis. At least that was my story. It's an outrageous one, and I really don't believe I have any fans. The ones who claim to be fans are probably crazy. Sorry, but I don't have faith in people because over the years I've watched them abandon me or write me off as crazy. The sad part is that I don't blame them.
Can you do a Psychic Reading for me?
The initial answer is no. First of all, I don't have the time to do individual readings for people. Secondly, if I did do readings for people, I would have to charge for my time as a service. I don't want to go down that path. Once you start charging people for readings, you're more accountable because you've been paid for a service and there are expectations. So if you screw up, you can be branded as a fake or a fraud. By not accepting any money, whatever I say just remains as a free opinion. You can take it or leave it. Thirdly, asking me for a reading usually doesn't benefit you. It benefits me. Anything I extract off of you is usually useless to you and really more about something regarding me. It's because I configured my Psychic Abilities to revolve around me and my needs. When you customize your desktop, you don't arrange your icons and programs for someone else. You arrange your setup in such a way that makes it easier for you. That's the way I configured my Psychic Abilities. They're not designed to read into your life or where you're headed. They're designed to tell me what's coming up in my life and where I'm headed. Asking me to do a Psychic Reading for you is based off of the Hollywood model fed to the masses where a Psychic is someone who can predict the future. Clairvoyance is only one kind of Psychic Ability. To this day, I haven't even run into anyone who can effectively do that. When things are revealed to me, it's usually after the fact and after major events have already unfolded. I'll see pieces of the puzzle as they are forming. However, it isn't until after a major incident that the clues I was given leading up to the encounter had encrypted symbols in the form of calendar dates and number tags that didn't make sense to me at the time. Once again, it's usually regarding something happening in my life, not yours. So anything I tell you may not be of real use to you. If you ask a Psychic to read your life and tell you what to do, the ones that turn out true are usually because it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. You went and did it and made it become true. Notice who the ones who obtained a reading and where it didnt come true cease to believe in Psychic Readings. It didn't come true so it's not real to them. Then you've got the ones who got a Psychic Reading and it did come true and they're suddenly believers. Because they believe it, they actually start making things happen in form of "mind over matter." They're belief in this Psychic stuff is actually what makes it true. They become the battery that provides the energy to power up the Psychic Manifestations because they really believe it. The ones who don't believe it remove the power source or the battery. So that stuff never works for them. One of the main reasons why I wrote the "Sunflower Diaries" and "Magical ME" Series is so that I can show you the mathematical explanation of how it all works. It's so that you can see how current technology in 2013 mimics what you see on the other side giving you a frame of reference. It gives you a visual or something you can imagine that you know to be true with electronics and computer equipment and use that as a basis of understanding the Psychic Field translated into a virtual medium. That will allow you to interface better with the Psychic Field. Everyone has Psychic Abiliites. Some people just know how to plug into them more effectively than others because they have a better driver. For those who have difficult tapping into their Psychic Abilities or activating that internal wireless modem that allows them to plug into the Earth's Electromagnetic Field as a Psychic Internet, it's usually because they need to update their driver. The "Sunflower Diaries" Series is like a driver installation disk designed to reconfigure your internal wireless modem so that it can be compatible with the Earth's Electromagnetic Field giving you Planetary Internet Access through your Conscious Mind. If you follow history, the USB ports used to be in back of the computer tower. Then manufacturers realized that with plug and play devices, people didn't like going in the back to hook up their accessories. So they moved the USB ports to the front. The back of the computer symbolizes the Subconscious Mind that is already plugged in taking direction from the Consciousness of the Planet. The front of the computer symbolizes the Conscious Mind. On your computer, all the programs you see on your desktop would be your Conscious Mind. All the programs running in the background in your System Tray would be what your Subconscious Mind is running. By using a computer analogy to understand your mind as an organic laptop computer with an internal wireless modem, you'll start to understand how Earth provides this Planetary Internet and where it transmits a Planetary RSS Feed where Subconscious Minds get updates. The "Sunflower Diaries" and "Magical ME" Series were written so I don't have to repeat myself.
Why does your writing suck?
If this is in reference to the "Sunflower Diaries" and "Magical ME" Series as nonfiction material where the chapters are all disjointed with a poor introduction and usually without a conclusion, it's because I'm on a time schedule. Unlike other authors that have the time to proofread their work and rework their material so that it is clear and concise, I don't have that luxury. My content is written like a person who only has 1 hour to take a college course final exam. you're only given an hour and you have to write fast. You have to finish writing your essay before the class period is over and turn in whatever you have. If you follow the publication dates, you'll find I was trying to either hit a specific calendar date to publish or here I was trying to prove that I published something in a volume and then the news articles 24 to 48 hours later aligned with what I published a day or so prior to their appearance in the Associated Press Feed. When you're trying to establish that you can post something that will manifest in the news a day or so later, it also means you have to publish the next volume quickly to show this. You can't wait 2 or 3 weeks. By that time, the news will have gone cold. You have to serve it while it's hot. Sadly, an eBook format is not the best medium because critics and skeptics can argue that I just doctored my content to make it look like a Psychic Prediction. It's the claim where I just gathered a bunch of news articles and then reworked my manuscript to backdate the content 2 or 3 days before the time stamp listed for the news and then serve it up as a Psychic Prediction. Yes, it's possible for a person to do that, but I point out SmashWords will put a time stamp on your manuscripts each time they are uploaded. They also keep a copy of the previous version. There really is no best way to pull this off in 2013 because the world doesn't believe in the Psychic Field and no one has ever attempted to use eBook publishing, Twitter, Facebook, and a news aggregator to flush out Psychic Predictions. It's unheard of in 2013. Nobody is expecting that you can use the public eye of the media to catch something anywhere around the world and publish it where it produces a recording of the Consciousness of the Planet doing something. People just look at news as disjointed information where events are unrelated. However, when you look at a Planet as a living organism, it moves as one. When you look at the human body in motion when it's running, the movement of the legs is linked to the movement of the arms. When you look at the news that shows the Earth running like a human being, one news article in Germany could represent the movement of the arms while another news article printed at the same time in Japan could represent the movement of the legs. You have to step back and look at the bigger picture. I keep saying that God is the Forest and humans are the 7 billion trees that make up that Forest. God is the Digital Image. Humans are the 7 billion pixels that make up the Digital Image. If you just try to look at a small section of a digital image magnified up close, it's like looking at a bunch of randomly colored dots. However, if you step back far enough, it the Digital Image will come into view. That's what my "Sunflower Diaries" and "Magical ME" Series tries to capture. I try gather as much of the news as I can, highlighting what you should pay attention to, and then print it quickly. However, I can't stop. I have to keep going because the Planet is already moving onto the next thing. You have to keep up. This is chasing method means that the quality of my literature from a grammatical perspective and regarding sentence structure is going to suffer. Yet, I believe proving that the Earth is alive is extremely important to the survival of the human race and averting war. Criticizing my writing is like a passenger on the Titanic nitpicking about the spelling errors and typos on the hastily scribbled note telling them to put on their life jackets and get on a life boat because the Titanic is sinking. The critics who get hung up on how terrible my sentence structure, typos, and poorly arranged chapters are like Titanic passengers obsessing over little details when they should really be looking at the bigger picture and how their lives hang in the balance. The world is on the brink of war. Proving to the human race that the Earth is alive and like a God Consciousness is important where it can save millions of lives. It can end wars. It can bring American troops back home. It can clean up large portions of corrupted human society once people realize the Earth like God is here. So while my writing may "suck," put it in perspective and prioritize regarding what's important. Would you like like a well-written book that tells you something you've already heard before or a poorly constructed book written in haste that gives you material that could save a Planet and humans as a society?
If Earth really is alive, why does it use this complicated number system rather than talk to us directly?
In the "Sunflower Diaries," I stake claim that Earth is a Super Computer just like in "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams. Like a regular computer, it runs off numbers. Humans are like Planet-Sized Process IDs that are carrying out trillions of calculations. Humans are like mathematical sound waves produced by Earth when it speaks. One reason why I claim it uses a number system rather than talking directly to humans is because it's voice is so massive that humans can't hear it. Another reason why it would use numbers is because there's word in every language for the number system. Not everyone speaks English. There are some words in English that don't translate over to Japanese. There are some words in German that don't translate over well in Chinese. So if you want a universal language that all humans can understand, it only makes sense that you would use numbers. If you have someone in Italy scanning the news in Brazil, the Italian may not understand what the news says, but he can pick out the numbers in the news article. I've staked the claim that the United States is a Holy Land and that you can track the last 300 years of American History with state dates to flush out Intelligent Design. Like I said, not everyone speaks English. The United States has video cameras and local news stations positioned in just about every county. So if people outside the United States in other countries want to scan the American news feed, they can extract the numbers even if they don't know what the rest of the English words are. The reason why the United States is one of the best places to track movements of the Planet is because our country has video cameras everywhere. Third world countries are too poor to have security surveillance cameras everywhere. Also, the United States geography has more weather versatility than someplace like the Middle East. If the Earth wanted to say something using a flood, tornado, snowstorm, or earthquake, it can produce weather that will be spotted by the United States news stations and reported quickly. If you have a small country like Belize or a country in Africa where the weather is just hot Sun all the time, you can't extract a consistent reading with just one type of weather. I've staked the claim that I've seen evidence of aliens that have discovered our Planet. They know about the Earth as a Super Computer and that it's alive. My theory is that they know this because they are aware that their home planet is alive. Their home planet most likely told them not to interfere with the natural evolution of primitive pre-warp societies like Earth who have yet to discover that their home planet is alive. However, when visiting other Planets with civilizations and where you know the planet of an alien species is alive, the best place to look in order to understand the language of that particular planet would be by studying the Periodic Table of Elements. Elements are consistent around the Universe and have the same Atomic Number. If you know the Subconscious Mind of a home planet is configuring a language that will explain its identity and how it relates to the stars and planets around it, clues will be found in the way it translates the Periodic Table. The Atomic Number is a reliable number system. As I've said in the "Sunflower Diaries," if you were stranded on an island with someone who doesn't speak the same language as you, the easiest thing to teach is how to count. It's really easy to teach someone to count in any language. That's how easy numbers are to learn. As for why Earth as "God" doesn't talk to us directly, it's not God's responsibility to master your language. We are the inferior intellect. Earth is the superior intellect. Whether humans as an inferior intellect understand the language of the superior intellect is really not the problem of the superior intellect. However, I claim the reason why Earth is finally reaching out to human beings is because it has been waiting around for the last 2,000 years for humans to develop current technology and advancements in electronics that would create basis for understanding. Earth has been waiting for humans to build technology that functions on the same principles as the way it uses the Electromagnetic Field as a Communication Grid. Now that humans have invented technology that shows how you can have wireless transmissions, Earth can now move forward in explaining higher level concepts that would have just confused humans 2,000 years ago. It would've been pointless trying to explain to a primitive human about Local Area Networks, wireless routers, cell phones, and RSS Feeds. The Internet was created where it amassed all the collected knowledge over the last couple centuries giving people access to a vast amount of data rivaling that of the Library of Congress so that they can put all the pieces of puzzle together and see Earth as a living organism. This technology has only surfaced within the last 30 years since 2013
If you're really this wonderfully awesome person with God, Jesus Christ, and Virgin Symbols in your Family Tree, why are you only coming forward now?
Well, I only learned about this stuff in 2004. It took me roughly 3 years to master it by 2007. Then in 2007, I had to figure out how I was going to pass on this content. The only thing I could think of was publishing a book. However, the cost of publishing a manuscript could cost you well over $10,000, which is money I didn't have. Even if I could get a book in print, there's no guarantee that it would circulate to the masses. It would just get buried in the sea of other books. eBook publishing has been around since about 2004, but the eReaders weren't very good. I constantly do a news scan when I take readings. In March 2011, I saw a news article talking about how Amanda Hocking was able to publish her content writing her literature in the form of eBooks. I got excited and said to myself, "Hey! I can do that!" I have tons of research notes and over 15,000 blog entries over a span of 7 years documenting my research and findings. Around Summer 2011, I committed myself to writing a manuscript, but I ran into Rebecca from Alabama who was a missing piece of the puzzle. When you align my Family Tree with hers, you'll see state dates bonded together. I got distracted with spending time with her that it wasn't until we had a falling out in April 2012 that I buried myself in tackling the manuscript that was roughly 200,000 words. Then I was steered to SmashWords in June 2012. I had to rework the manuscript where it was split into 4 portions, which make up Volumes 1 - 4 of the "Sunflower Dairies." The first publication was on 12/14 of 2012 when Alabama became a state. Long story short, eBook publishing didn't really take flight till around 2010 or 2011. For those of us who don't have deep pockets or a publishing company to print our literature, there was no way of getting your literature out there until now. So now it's 2013, and I'm finally plugging away at these volumes. I'm taking the method I used from 2004 to 2007 of documenting a Psychic Manifestation and showing how it will surface in the news 24 to 48 hours later in the Associated Press Feed. I don't hit all the time, but I hit with higher frequency than other people. It's not the best method, but it's the only method I've got to work with. eBook publishing is not the best method of passing along this information. Twitter would have been better where I can do Tweets every 4 to 6 hours in rapid succession to show that I can align with the news, but I could never get enough of a following to understand what my Tweet was decrypting off of the news feed. When you have no funding and you're a one-man operation, it's going to be slow. It's where you have no help from anyone and you have to be the one to carry this information to the masses on your own while saddled with debts, everyday problems, and disappointing setbacks. As I said, people are more interested in finding out what Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, and Miley Cyrus are up to than reading content that actually pertains to the humankind. That's just because the reading and comprehension level of people is below what it should be to understand the mathematical language of Earth as a Super Computer. I'm stuck playing teacher developing a curriculum from scratch on a subject that very few people know about. I can only do so much. Like I said, I'm limping with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, no medical or dental insurance, and nothing but a laptop and an Internet connection. So before you criticize my awful presentation of content and methods, I'd like to see you try to do what I've done since 2004 with the limited resources at your disposal and no plan because it was just sprung on you. Then you're stuck having to teach content to people who don't want to learn it or give up because "it's just too hard and too confusing." What else did you expect when it comes to understanding an extremely complex living organism that is the size of a Planet? Of course it's going to be a very complicated answer that will require a lot of writing to explain how something as massive as Planet or the Sun as a star is alive. The people who are supportive of this usually lack the math and science skills to comprehend the material. The smartest people who are scientists and engineers who do have the math and science skills to interpret my data don't want to read it or learn it because their prejudices and preconceived notions handed down to them by ignorant people who are not qualified to make an assessment on this content. When I tell you I'm an authority and leading expert on this material, I'm dead serious. I can show you things that would blow a person's mind or even make them suffer a nervous breakdown when they see things that defy science. It's all just a matter of understanding computers and technology applied to Earth as a Super Computer. If you understand software programming, Local Area Networks, and wireless technology, you'll see that everything I said in the "Sunflower Diaries" and "Magical ME" Series is true.
Why are you comparing yourself to the Virgin in the Bible?
Anyone who starts comparing themselves to someone in the Bible is going to lose a lot of credibility. Who has the nerve to compare themselves to someone in religious scripture? However, I also believe in full disclosure because as I said in my profile, people hate surprises. Springing a surprise in literature that is not what a person expected is like date rape. It's where you have an unassuming and open-minded reader going on a date with an author and where the author already has in mind what he's going to do with the reader on the date, which he already knows the date will be uncomfortable with or not want to be involved in. I've said that Communication is Sex. Literature is a form of communication. So if reading is the act of sex where the reader takes on the female aspect of receiving while the author takes on the male aspect of giving, "forcing" ideas into a reader as the female aspect is like date rape. When the reader, who doesn't like what is being "put or inserted in their mind" struggles to get free and close the book, it's like escaping a rape scenario. So by doing full disclosure where I flat out tell you what I'm going to "insert in your mind," you have the option as a reader of determining whether you want to go through with this reading process or not. It may seem like an unrelated segueway from the question, but I'm trying to explain to you how a Virgin Male like myself could compare himself to the Virgin who is believed to be female. When it comes to the story of the Immaculate Conception, I've stated in the "Sunflower Diaries" that it's a riddle. Everyone assumes that God is male and the Virgin was female. I've staked the claim that the genders are reversed. God is actually a woman. The Sun is God. The Sun is shaped like an Ovum. The solar system is her body. Earth would be a Planet-Sized Ovum. If God is infinite, then it's safe to assume that God is the larger of the 2 parents. If the Virgin was a mortal human being in the presence of God, then we would use process of elimination and assume the Virgin is the tinier of the 2 parents. If you look under a microscope, the Ovum is larger than the Sperm. The sperm is the tinier one. So if the Immaculate Conception between God and a Virgin merges with what is known with science, the Virgin would be the male and God would be the Female. This is seen in computers where the computer is a database containing all information (God) while disk with a software application uploading information and reconfiguring the operating system of the computer is smaller and "inserted" into the Female. If Earth is the Ovum of the Sun as God and a Super Computer, then it would make sense that the Virgin was the mortal and a male that inserted his DNA to bond with the Ovum of God. In human reproduction, the sperm that is tinier will provide its DNA and the female Ovum will take that DNA and start replicating the information provided by the sperm. If Earth is an Ovum with an Electromagnetic Field Shell Membrane and a mortal Virgin male found a way to pierce through the shell and submit his DNA, Earth would behave just like an Ovum where it will obtain a copy of the Virgin Male's mind as an Intellectual Sperm that has fertlized "her" as an Egg and use the Electromagnetic Field as a Communication Grid to transmit copies of that Virgin Male's DNA as the male parent all across her body just like an Ovum. That is how you get "Planetary Meiosis." If you imagine God as a woman where the solar system is her body and Earth is her Ovum, there would be a communication that goes on between the mind of the female (Sun as God) and the Virgin that was the tiny sperm. I claim Immaculate Conception is repeated every time a tiny sperm in a normal human impregnates a human female. I believe that the Subconscious Mind of a woman actually talks to the tiny sperm that was provided by the father that has fertilized the Ovum in her womb. We just don't see it. If you can imagine how a Subconscious Mind of a woman can talk to a tiny sperm in her vagina, then imagining the Sun as God and a woman that is as vast as a solar system talking to one tiny Virgin Male as the Planet-Sized Sperm that fertilized Earth as her Ovum is not so farfetched. Religious leaders will be upset because I did just like in "Star Trek" as Captain Kirk taking the Kobayashi Maru Test that is supposedly a no-win scenario. The Immaculate Conception is a no-win scenario. How can you have a Virgin who had sex and still remained a Virgin afterward? Any woman who steps forward claiming she's a Virgin and her child is Jesus Christ will be branded a liar. However, if you have a Virgin Male who steps forward claiming the Sun is a Female God and Earth is the Ovum of God where Earth is Jesus Christ, it still fits the story of the Immaculate Conception where the Virgin Male was still a Virgin after the process. It's also impossible for a human male to impregnate a Virgin Male. Only God can do that.
Are you trying to form some kind of cult or generate a religious following with your literature?
Hell, no! The reason why I don't like cults is because they're usually followers who can't think for themselves and need someone else to do it for them. I sure as Hell don't want that job. In fact, the whole point of writing out this curriculum on how to be a Planet Cryptologist and develop your own Psychic Abilities is so that I don't have to be the one to tell people what to do. I started doing Planet Cryptology in 2004 where I have to sit day in and day out transcribing information because people don't know how to read it. I don't want to spend the next 20 or 30 years doing that job. I'd be quite happy to pass it on to someone else who knows how to decrypt the information. I don't want mindless followers. I want people who can actually make sense of the content I've written so that they can do it on their own. Think for yourself. Don't make me do it. I'm trying to teach a curriculum so that when I die, there will still be people who understood the material and be able to continue on where I left off. It's also the responsibility of future generations of people to go to school and invest in their education so that they can learn how to read the Planet on their own without needing someone to tell them. Any time you leave interpretation of content to an individual, you're at their mercy. Look at all these religious followers that blindly do whatever religious leaders tell them. They have to be told what to do. If you want to know what God's wishes are, I can tell you what I've learned from the Planet Earth and our Sun. They want free thinkers. They want independent thinkesr who can figure out things on their own. The independent thinker would be like a body cell in a human being that knows how to think for itself. It's a Super Cell that has analytical problem-solving skills and doesn't need someone to tell it what to do. As humans, you would want Super Cells that are smart enough to determine what are cancer cells, infections, and viruses. They know what to do and don't just sit around waiting for the brain to send them instructions. They're proactive Super Cells. That is valuable to the Consciousness of the Planet where it could have human beings as "smart" Planet-Sized Body Cells that know how to think on their own and don't have to told what to do. In the business arena, that's what a CEO wants. He wants employees that can problem-solve on their own without having to be told what to do. That's what I want. I want proactive people who are able attack this curriculum I've laid out aggressively and make something of it. Cults are comprised of gullible people who are tricked into doing what someone says. I've spent the last decade hunting for smart people who have vision and can see that these theories I talk about are valid. However, don't just take my word for it. Do your fact-checking. Go ahead and click on the hyperlinks. Use Wikipedia, Internet Movie Database, and Google to check to make sure that my information is sound. Don't just blindly believe what people tell you. I even said in the other interview question that I don't believe I have fans. Anyone in 2013 who claims they're a fan of my literature may need psychiatric evaluation. If you just automatically believe what I wrote about God, the Virgin, and Jesus Christ without checking the math and the content, you could be easily fooled into believing anything. That's why I go through all this painstaking trouble of citing my sources with the hyperlinks and taking screen captures of news articles on the front page news as is so that you see I'm not just pulling stuff out of thin air or just say stuff. There's nothing wrong with skepticism as long as you keep an open mind. No one wants to be fooled or tricked, but have enough sense to know when you should look at something more closely rather than write it off a waste of time or stupid. It's the 21st Century and the Planet wants people who have a good head on their shoulders and can think for themselves.
Why do you make this absurd claim that you can hear the Voice of the Planet (Voice of God) and that the Planet talks to you?
I claim that the Planet uses people as “human vocal cords.” In the throat of a human being, the vocal cords will vibrate to generate a sound that resonates at a particular frequency that is caught by the human ear drum processing the sound. Sound picked up by your ear is something that you can’t see. When the Planet communicates, it is a mathematical sound wave. It’s where the sound takes on a physical form that you can see in the form of humans. In Calculus, when you work with Differentials and Integrals, you move up and down the scale. Everything shifts one over. The same can be said about a human being that produces sound compared to a living organism such as a Planet as a higher order living organism that is more complex.
Have you ever seen a sound recording? If you’ve done music editing of sound track, you’ll see the squiggle of the line tracking how loud sound with its peaks and valleys. Imagine the Associated Press Feed as a sound projection device. The information spikes would represent the peaks and valleys of the sound being produced by the Planet. That’s the Voice of God. When there’s a particular mathematical sound like a calendar date or a specific number, you’ll see that calendar date rise to the top of the news feed generated by a celebrity or a sports figure doing something that gets caught by the public eye of the media and broadcast into the Associated Press Feed because all the hits of people reading that news cause that story to rise to the top and collected by the news aggregator.
Humans will move into position as a physical manifestation of a vocal cord to cause the mathematical sound wave to appear. For example, when you have multiple numbers anchored to people, those 3 people linked to that event are like 3 distinct notes played on a “mathematical piano” creating a “mathematical chord.” When it comes to communicating with the deceased that are not allowed to interfere directly with human events, you can "cheat" by giving the deceased a mathematical language or number symbols that the dead can use to manipulate your physical environment without directly interfering with events. They'll create mathematical cords.
I used to play clarinet in grade school through high school. I also used to sing tenor and bass in the Church Choir. So I know how to read notes. This gives me an advantage over scientists and religious leaders. Scientists and religious leaders either don’t play music or they’ve never tried to apply what they learned in music to understanding how a Voice of the Planet or Voice of God would work. I've even said that the theme with "Mr. Holland's Opus" with a conductor of music was intentionally linked to a conductor of electricity. If Earth's Electromagnetic Field is comprised of electricity, then the person who masters communicating with the Planet can "conduct" the Electromagnetic Field like a "mathematical orchestra" that will produce sound or the Voice of the Planet. That's the Voice of God.
A lot of people think I’m a moron and that the stuff coming out of my mouth is crazy. However, as they say, there’s a fine line between insanity and genius. If you really analyzed what I said with my scientific theories, you’d find that I’m actually not as dumb as I look. I have the Mental Agility or Intellectual Flexibility that boosts my comprehension and understanding giving my Mind’s Eye a better view of the information. I said in “Sunflower Diaries, Volume 2” about the Illuminati and the symbol of the Pyramid with an eye on the Dollar Bill. It’s a Eye at the top of the Pyramid. It’s referring to the Mind’s Eye and the vantage point. All the blocks that make up the pyramid represent your knowledge base. The more information you amass, the more stone you have to cut. The better your tools are for cutting stone, the higher your pyramid are. Your intellectual tools for cutting that stone would be your ability to process information and know hw to interpret the data.
Because I know how to interpret the data and correlate information from different fields following the belief that life tends to mimic itself on all levels, I can take whatever I learned from a seemingly unrelated field and apply it Cryptology and decrypting the Symbols of the Planet and understanding what it’s saying. The rest of the people are just in the dark. It’s like that saying in “Minority Report” where in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King. I may not see very well and have terrible or blurry vision, but it’s still better than the rest of human society that are completely blind.
If you can’t see the Consciousness of the Planet and mathematical Voice of the Planet or “Voice of God” I keep saying is there being recorded by the Associated Press Feed, then I claim you’re blind. You don’t see it. If you can’t see it, then it means I can see what you can’t. If the Planet recognizes that I can see what it is saying, then it’s only natural that the Planet would only talk to the person who can hear and see
Published 2013-11-25.
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