Interview with sexestore

What makes you different to other Adult Stores?
At sexEstore our philosophy is to foster a welcoming and enjoyable adult brand and atmosphere. We want all of our readers/shoppers to enjoy their online experience with us and feel good about enriching their sexual lives. We shrug off those negative shackles that tarnish many adult retail spaces by providing a fun and friendly sex toy store that promotes good sexual health and well-being.
Where is sexEstore located?
SexEstore is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated business (including our customer service team).
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
When we are not busy producing our feel good sex toy banter in the sexEstore blog we are generally researching new products and/or opportunities to bring to our audience. Whether that be an informative article or a special deal you'll have to visit to see!
How do you discover the topics you right about?
We do much research on the topics we write about to ensure that they are topical, accurate and a benefit to our readers. Our research covers various media types and on occasion an interview or two.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Wow, yes I do. It was a guest author opportunity and not a notable article however I do remember feeling excited when it received just a small amount of attention.
Why are you passionate about sexual health?
Sex Toys and sexual health is a topic that many still hide under the covers. There are many factors why sexual health still remains an uncomfortable conversation for us to have and include the criticisms by some old fashioned social and religious fraternities.

Our aim is to rise above this limited ways of thinking by providing a forum where we discuss sexual health in an open and honest manner.
Do you remember the first adult article you read that had an impact on you?
Not a single article but I do remember the support and encouragement I gained from design and articles that represented sexual exploration and freedom.
How did you come up with the sexEstore design and philosophy?
After not being able to find much in the way of a open, friendly and wholesome adult store we decided to create our own. Offering up content such as sexual tip and tricks, new sex genres and many sex toys in a open and positive manner was the key to success.
What are your favorite sex toys and why?
Anything that requires me to wear a costume or part there of is right up there. I think it assists me to take my sexual play time and enjoyment to the next level.
Where do you keep all the sex toys you review?
In my bedroom of course! I'm certainly passed all of of them fitting in my bottom bedside drawer but a simple storage solution in my wardrobe has solved this.
Will sexEstore ever have their own sex toy range?
At the moment we are concentrating on researching and reporting on existing sex toys in the market place. It's a full time job so I don't see a sexEstore sensuous new sex toy in the pipe line but then again who knows!
Published 2017-04-25.
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