Smashwords book reviews by 8333

  • All Night Long on May 29, 2012

    Michele Albert is one of my favorite contemporary romance authors. All Night Long provides two strong leads in photographer/journalist/historian Annie Beckett and farmer Rik Magnusson. They get off to a bit of a rocky start at first - she is researching an event in American history, an unsolved murder that she thinks took place somewhere on his land, and he doesn't want anyone invading his privacy. She's pushy, he's stubborn, but Annie eventually gets her way and ends up staying at his farm while doing her research and hunting for clues. It took me a while to actually get into the book - it's more low key than her other action packed, high octane books like Hide in Plain Sight. But about halfway through, things pick up, get more interesting. Annie and Rik are a great couple with a lot of chemistry, but more than that the author does a good job of showing them working through their issues together to get to a happily ever after. Recommended.