Bibi Witt


I love flirty, sexy, detailed erotica that takes me to new places with interesting characters. It's in that spirit that I write everything you'll see. I'm also a romantic, so some of my characters fall in love too, it's not all lust and ripped bodices, though sometimes it's exactly that.

I dream of entertaining people with my writing. I want to make you blush on the bus, laugh out loud in the library, get steamy in the supermarket and especially horny at home while you're reading my work. I've been writing since I can remember, but things really took off when I was in my late teens and started combining that passion with fantasies I'd have about my crushes, dates and mates. I never stopped, in fact, I love it so much that I have to share.

That's what I'm here to do, to entertain you, perhaps even give you a few ideas to bring to the bedroom, dungeon or adult play room. Oh, and I love fantasy, science fiction, and romance, so expect to be transported, as many of my stories happen well beyond the here and now.

Thank you for reading, loving, and being excitable. I hope to see you between my pages.

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