Claude Vicent


We'll call the person who writes my books, Claude Vicent. Claude is Weslh-Italian and writes out of Oslo. He first started his self-publishing saga with a collection of poems, Kaiser Funky. He then ventured into short story writing with two separate collections, Colt '84 and Troll Beats. Somewhere between 2014 and 2016, he published his first novel, Chasing Oranges. He has since been trying to define it.
His latest novel, The Chronicles of Vinyl Jones, is soon to be released in 2017.

Claude Vicent enjoys reading Hemingway, Bukowski, PKDick, Bulgakov, HSThompson, Vonnegut, JGBallard and more. The wackier the merrier, the darker the funnier, the more challenging, the more rewarding.

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