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Elizabeth Mueller, author and illustrator, knew that books couldn’t bite and though she never admitted, she was scared of them. What she didn’t know was that one day books would take over her life and turn her into a writer.

She started writing poetry when she was 9. Then there were stories when she was 11 that, well, are quite funny from her current perspective. It was her creative writing teacher in 12th grade that made her realize there was more to writing than life itself. That’s when she fell in love with books because, unlike real life, books whisk her away into different worlds, different times, and even turn her into different people--especially when she's the one who is writing them!

She hasn’t stopped since, feverishly working to perfect the craft late into the night. She lives with her husband, five kids, and two cats. Darkspell, a young adult Paranormal Romance, is her first novel.

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  • Watched on March 17, 2012

    **WARNING** this review may contain spoilers! Cindy Hogan is a brand new author out in market. Her debut novel, Watched, is unforgettable, gripping, and swoon-worthy. Enter geeky 15 year-old Christy, a girl who's won a scholarship for a school trip to Washington, D.C. She should have listened to the little nagging voice when it screamed not to sneak into an old ritzy hotel to use the restroom--it lands her right in the middle of a gruesome murder that haunts her thoughts at every turn. Hogan did a fantastic job at building characterization with every one of the characters. Christy endures massive guilt trips over which boy she should like better; stunning and confident Alex, or open and charming Rick. What a battle! I'm amazed at the depth of mind constructing Hogan had written for Christy--she is amazingly well-rounded to the point I wish I could reach into the book and hug her. Christy is the same age as my daughter! The pacing and plot were well placed--including the welcoming lull of romantic action between Christy and her two boys along with heated jealousy from bully Kira, and Summer. ** Hogan wraps it nicely with some intense action scenes that made me cry over Christy and her lost innocence of being thrust into the middle of a blood bath. Well done, Cindy!