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Ernest Hogan, author of CORTEZ ON JUPITER, HIGH AZTECH, SMOKING MIRROR BLUES, and other bizarre writings was born in East L.A. back in the Atomic Age. He has a bad habit of creating “art” – even though he isn't really sure what that is. He is married to Emily Devenport and all of her pseudonyms – they live in Arizona, and are inspired by the strange beauty and political turmoil. He is living proof that Chicano is a science fiction state of being. He blogs at and does a biweekly Chicanonautica column for La Bloga.

Smashwords Interview

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
I actually started drawing stories, then went on to doing comics. When I got my first typewriter I wrote, "The Day the Lawn Revolted" in which a boy used his lawnmower to save the world of an alien life force that was making his lawn grow out of control. There may have been earlier prose experiments, but I don't remember any details.
What is your writing process?
I'm always being hit by ideas, like sniper's bullets. I'll scribble some notes, start a computer file, start working. Since I work for a living, I'm always running the gauntlet of being constantly interrupted, so it there's no telling how long it will talk me to finish something. If I think it has a good chance of selling to a particular market, I can get something done pretty fast -- but if it's just a weird story that I'm enjoying noodling around with, it could take me years. I'm always walking around with stories growing in my brain, which can be dangerous.
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