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  • The Elusive Prey on Jan. 25, 2021

    I have read all the books in the Gorburg series and like all S J Lewis’s erotic stories The Elusive Prey is so vividly realistic. The story is labeled taboo erotica which it may be in the minds of many however the author brings this theme across in a balance way and the sexual interaction is always consensual. This is important and many men and woman hunger for this kind of erotica and secretly hunger for this fantasy to be realized. I this book this happens. The author brings this across perfectly. I experienced a rush, first of the chase and capture, and then the brutal but arousing consensual captivity. The author has a mind for making rough scenes sexy, when his protagonist woman chooses her path and ultimately her desire. The ending climaxes and I could not put this story down until I had it finished and I was left needing more and wanting and of course there is a bonding between the dominant and submissive with the desire for more. Excellent and this is why I have read the whole series. G