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A A Aardwolf
Latest book: The Hunter Watches. Published May 23, 2013. (4.27 from 11 reviews)
Celia Kyle
Latest book: Wicked Prey. Published February 23, 2011.
EL Anders
Latest book: The Breed. Published August 20, 2012. (5.00 from 3 reviews)
R.L. Mathewson
Latest book: The Promise. Published February 26, 2019.

Smashwords book reviews by Jennifer Pereira

  • Highland Shift on Aug. 17, 2013

    It's pretty good. I was hesitant to read it at first not really wanting to read cheesy romance but it really caught my attention. Can't wait to read other books from this series.
  • Blind Date with a Vampire on Aug. 21, 2013

    I enjoyed this book very much. It kept me up way past my bedtime. I just had to know how it ended. The only thing is the ending its left sort of open ended, will there be another book. Would totally buy if there is. Great job I will be reading more from this author.
  • The Lycan Wars:Revised Edition on Aug. 30, 2013

    Wow! It was so good I read it in two days! It had all elements in it love, hate,revenge,redemption,crossed lovers,despair, and hope. I could not put it down. Excellent read. I seriously got a adrenaline rush from all the action. Great read and look forward to reading future books from this author.
  • Lucien's Mate on Oct. 01, 2013

    Enjoyed the book a lot. Love the alpha male and equally strong female. Look forward to next book.
  • Cursed on Oct. 02, 2013

    I enjoyed it very much the characters were likable and the story was fluid. I loved the ending i love a book that ties up loose ends. Will read more from this author.
  • The Draglen Brothers - Draken (Bk 1) on Oct. 07, 2013

    I really enjoyed this book. It has all the elements I find interesting, Alpha Males, sexy men, humor, a little bit of drama, and a heroine I can stand. It sucked me into reading it in two days. Can't wait for the next in the series.
  • The Breed on Oct. 21, 2013

    I liked It a lot. I hope the author writes more about the couple.
  • The Hunter Watches on Oct. 23, 2013

    Was a good read. I want to know more about Ash
  • The Unrequited Dom on Nov. 11, 2013

    I liked this book I wasn't quite sure where it was going as far as their sexually relationship it leaned more on the dom/sub side the last books I read were more disciplinary spanking but I loved Cash's strong alpha male handiness.
  • Two True Loves on Nov. 11, 2013

    Was a good read.