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Smashwords book reviews by Insanity

  • Words Like Forever on June 12, 2012

    Really loved it, I'm not exactly great at writing reviews but i'll write out the parts that stood out to me the most. The characters in the story are very well written out, they're genuinely interesting, though of course there are instances where I was thinking, 'wow! how dense can she be?', but it fit pretty well into the character's personalities so it didn't bug me too much. The story is very good, I don't read very often, infact, the last book I read was probably years ago, but I enjoy a good story, and this one kept me wanting more. I actually stayed up until 5am reading this on the first night. Though I loved the story, I felt the ending came too quickly, I was kinda left wanting more at the end. Those two points were definently the strongest impressions the book left me with, and I had to think pretty hard to find the only weakness I felt about it, descriptions. I hate to say it, but there were very few 'physical' descriptions about the locations and characters. My imagination isn't what it used to be, so I had trouble imaging what the characters looked like, and even where they were. The character descriptions I didn't mind so much, I kind of crafted images from the few details put in, and from their personalities, but the locations, were completely blank. I have no idea where this story took place, I kind of imagined a rural area, but thats the best I could do. I didnt really even have a grasp of what time of the year, or climate it was. It might sound like I didn't like the book that much because of the lack of environmental description, but thats completely opposite of what I thought of it. The characters and story made this book a very enjoyable read, I hope the author decides to continue with other works.