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We’re all familiar with the flashing lights, commercials, and painted faces on our TVs. Want more original entertainment? To start, you’ve got to turn off the TV. Imagine that. In fact, imagine even more, every Friday night at 9:00 (Pacific Time) with “Smoke and Mirrors.”
Meet the new age of storytelling! This weekly podcast has the nostalgia of Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents, but this nostalgia can take you further than reruns. Our podcasts are more than dusty reprints read in a monotone. This is original work, accompanied by introductory music, thematic music, even foley...and read by a voice actor. This project serves a dual purpose. It entertains you, the lover of all things science fiction or macabre, and it allows you to support fresh artists (musicians, writers, voice actors) by giving them a place to build out their portfolios and reels. Already, several of our contributors have begun to climb the professional ladders of Pandora and Audible, and with eBooks.
There is always more in the works, so keep on checking back, and welcome to : Smashwords, Dennis R Miller, and Smoke and Mirrors

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Smashwords book reviews by Dennis R Miller

  • If Wishes Were Horses on June 18, 2012

    Well thought out characters and a wonderful, imaginative plot. Mr Arnold is a Writer to watch! I highly recommend this book to any Sci Fi fan who likes intelligent characters and appreciates a fun read!