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Hey, you! I can see you there. You really aren't very good at hiding. So, what do you want? My money? My computer? What? You want to know who I am? You really are a terrible burglar.
The name's Swinney, James Swinney. You've come to my profile, you're reading my "About Me." I suppose you can stay here for a little while. Look at whatever you want, but if you try to leave with anything I will call the police.

I'm fourteen years old, if you care to know. I'm an average teenager whose ultimate goal is to survive through high school. I get decent grades and outside of school I read, write, and play video games.
I live just outside of a tiny little village in Alberta. My father's the pastor of the Christian Reformed Church there, so there I am.

Thanks for leaving everything in its proper place. You know what? I kind of like you. Why don't you come back another time? See you then.

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