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  • History's Shadow Beginnings: Alexander on Aug. 23, 2012

    I CAN say I like it and stop there. But the truth is I'm just short of loving it. I find the teaser reminiscent of the Tolkien Trilogy where an all new world is slowly unfolding before me. Where most will cite its slightly erratic structure as distracting (which I can agree with), the narrative still has enough pull to get you through it. You'll scratch your head in confusion one minute, and then hit yourself in clarity the next. The author skimps on the 'lay of the land'; i.e., what does our protagonist/antagonist look like, but I'm expecting a great many of my questions to be answered as the story unfurls. It could take the average reader a second run-through to get ALL the names and ideas in-line. But like all good stories, it's worth a second read anyway; possibly even a third. I'm looking forward to reading it in its entirety.