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I have done some creative writing so I intend to start a novel. Reading is also one of my favorite pastimes so I am delighted with smashwords.


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Antonina Elacion
Latest book: Pay Back Clyde. Published January 24, 2010. (4.75 from 8 reviews)
Daniel Whittman
Latest book: Changes Needed in the Philippines. Published January 19, 2011.

Smashwords book reviews by James Gilbert

  • I Am Jesus on Jan. 28, 2010

    This is an excellent short piece that is amazing. The link Mr. Whittman provided backs up everything in this writing. Great job!
  • Death of the USA on Jan. 30, 2010

    I am a very picky reader. It is a rare novel I can get past the opening. This one is the rare exception. It is witty, clever and a definite page turner. It kept me interested through the last page. It doesn't get any better than this. I plan to read his upcoming children's novel just because Mr. Whittman is writing it!
  • Spitting on the Devil on Jan. 31, 2010

    Great short story! It is clever, funny and surprising. Wonderful reading pleasure!
  • I Am Jesus on Feb. 03, 2010

    Some things get better the more you read them. This is one of them. It is clever, funny and true. The doubters are closed minded sad cases.
  • Pay Back Clyde on Feb. 03, 2010

    A funny short story with a surprise twist. It is well worth reading.
  • Three Year Old Slave Girl on Feb. 03, 2010

    A truly shocking childhood with a silver lining. The differences of the third world and the US are incredible. This girl had it rougher than the poorest girl in America.
  • Fallen Angel Tribulations on Feb. 03, 2010

    This author has some terrific novels. Shame on you who read his free novels in droves but fail to buy any of his other books. This novel is extremely good. Many of his other novels are even better. Is $1.49 or less a lot of money to you if you have a job?