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  • The House of Yeel on July 26, 2012

    Fun and entertaining the whole way through. I miss clever, light fantasy like this, so I'm glad I found it. Yeel is an excellent and entertaining character, and the world and supporting characters were very well realized. Most importantly, the story gave just enough detail to build solid descriptions while keeping the pace and action going. It definitely felt like the Jack Vance and Fritz Leiber style of fantasy to me. Aside from what looked like one or two very minor editing errors, my only complaints were one point where I feel like there was a missed emotional payoff and the abrupt ending. I know the latter is par for the course for this sort of story, but I do hope it's a setup for a sequel of some sort. I would certainly recommend this over a ton of the fantasy I've subjected myself to in my life, and I think I will have to check out a few more of Mr. McCloskey's books.