Kade Mathea


I am Kade Mathea. My bio...Lets see, where to begin. I was (until a few months ago) a successful senior member of a large company until it went bust. Another victim of the Great Recession. I never thought about writing until a friend dared me to put down some of the adventures I have had in better times. Sitting down at the bar making love to a Guinness and recounting some wild stuff, (some truly stranger than fiction) he dares me to write it out. He wanted to go home and read it to his wife, I guess. Spice things up a bit. I did, they loved it, so here I am, putting it up for all to see. (It's always a best friend that gets you into these situations, isn't it?) Anyway, while I don't consider myself a 'writer' (thankfully because every writer I have ever known has been pretentious, eccentric and just plain rude) I do hope the general erotica loving public will think me worthy enough to purchase my stories at some point. Not only is this an escape for me and entertainment for you, I'm hoping it will be a way to keep the lights on. I will never price short stories over 99c and will offer up freebies here and there as I go. Hey, we're all struggling here, right?
As well as recounting my encounters, I am going to be posting other fictional stories. Basically an idea that popped into my mind while my girlfriend and I were roleplaying. I hope you enjoy and this provides a pleasant distraction to whatever is going on in your life right now.


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