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  • Uneasy Living on July 18, 2011
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    Praise for 'Uneasy Living'. Morin, a long time colleague, manages to capture the taste of loss with a classic signature of fine wordsmanship and acute imagery. When I first read Peter's 'A Dirty Angel' in January, I knew that Peter could only be an older, more intelligent and professional version of myself. Now having gotten a full taste of the breadth of his work, I continue to sympathize. His approach to rhetoric tows the line between hyper intellectual and perfectly organic. This collection is a harmonious representation of the bittersweet taste of lament and sorrow. His accounts cut to the heart with relatable experiences while maintaining critical nuances all his own. 'Joyful Joyful' had me drawing upon my own limited experiences with death while offering new and thought provoking elements to such experiences. Overall this work goes to show that when put in the proper context and delivered with such verbal mastery, even the most tragic moments can seem beautiful and even humorous. Peter continues to be an inspiration through is dedication to his work and his consummate approach to perfecting his art. I recommend this collection to anyone who possesses and appreciation for heartache and wonderment. Right on, Peter.