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A. Bennett
Latest book: Full Force (Police Erotica Collection). Published April 2, 2015.
AE Publications
Latest book: Erotic & Rough - 8 Naughty Stories. Published July 13, 2017.
Ali Soloman
Latest book: Daddy's Taboo Dream Girl. Published June 11, 2014.
Alice Gray
Latest book: Closer. Published February 19, 2011. (3.50 from 2 reviews)
Ana Thalia
Latest book: Dairy Delights Collection. Published May 20, 2017.
Anna Fock
Latest book: My Stepbrother's Brutal Girlfriend. Published April 2, 2016.
Ava J. Smith
Latest book: Alex. Published November 16, 2015.
Bad Penny Press
Latest book: Daddy's Girls 2. Published January 15, 2014.
Bella Jane
Latest book: Taking Advantage. Published August 26, 2013.
Candy Kiss
Latest book: Surprising His Sleeping Daughter. Published August 10, 2014.
Casy Lavin
Latest book: Bound to Obey (Police Erotica). Published March 6, 2013.
Celia Kyle
Latest book: Wicked Prey. Published February 23, 2011.
Charles Markwell
Latest book: What My Husband Doesn't Know. Published July 10, 2015.
Cindy Atherton
Latest book: Fetish Hospital: Kinky Doctor. Published August 19, 2016.
Cindy Loveless
Latest book: F**king Americans Book Four: Pregnant Sex Slaves. Published July 6, 2015. (1.00 from 1 review)
Cindy Sutton
Latest book: Every Man's Fantasy. Published May 23, 2017.
Dee Dawning
Latest book: Cowgirls. Published June 21, 2017.
Emily Rose
Latest book: A Fiend for D (A BDSM Erotic Romance). Published February 9, 2014.
Latest book: The Awakening. Published May 19, 2012. (4.00 from 1 review)
J.D. Grayson
Latest book: Vixen Box Set. Published August 18, 2016.
Jade Twilight
Latest book: Out With the Undead. Published January 2, 2015.
JD Hanson
Latest book: Sold For Sex. Published November 23, 2013.
Katie Ayres
Latest book: Ana in the New World Pt. One. Published April 15, 2017. (5.00 from 1 review)
Mina Shay
Latest book: Sapiosexual. Published July 23, 2017.
Nancy Brockton
Latest book: Crazy First Experiences. Published September 13, 2014.
Natasha Stevens
Latest book: Taken at the Nude Beach. Published September 1, 2017. (1.00 from 1 review)
Nicole Snow
Latest book: Nomad Kind of Love: Prairie Devils MC Romance. Published April 18, 2014.
Robyn Sweet
Latest book: More Fun with the Stupid Brat. Published July 20, 2017.
Sabine Winters
Latest book: Centaur Breeding Season. Published July 29, 2013.
Taboo Lust & Forbidden Pleasure
Latest book: 12 Naughty Teen Sex Stories. Published February 17, 2012.
Tara Nova
Latest book: Becoming a Hotwife 2. Published February 21, 2014.
Terry Towers
Latest book: Red Hot And Taboo Boxed Set. Published February 9, 2014.
Tristan Cole
Latest book: Harvey's Bargain. Published May 24, 2013.
Wanda Blackwood
Latest book: Meeting His BIG, HARD Demand. Published August 13, 2015.
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