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Author, photographer, and former rock & roller, Lorraine Devon Wilke, brings the sum total of her creative experience to her compelling contemporary fiction. Pulling from every chapter of her eclectic background, she creates characters and plots that are both unique and recognizable, with dialogue that jumps off the page. Her book covers are designed with her photography, and her debut novel, AFTER THE SUCKER PUNCH, even includes a free download of one of her songs.

A longtime contributor to The Huffington Post, Devon Wilke’s trademark “sass and sensibility” infuses her work with candor, provocative themes, and, whenever possible, lots of laughter. But whether exploring issues of family, faith, love, or tragedy, her stories always embrace an elemental mix of heart and soul. Along with AFTER THE SUCKER PUNCH, her second novel, HYSTERICAL LOVE, is also available here at Smashwords.

You can follow her adventures in publishing and the world-at-large at www.RockPaperMusic.com, with all other links and information available at www.lorrainedevonwilke.com.

Smashwords Interview

What do you most want readers to get from your work?
The pleasure of a good story. The experience of feeling something. A plot that takes them places, holds their interest, pushes them to turn the page. The feeling of being inspired or transported. Enjoyment of characters that make them laugh, piss them off, get them to think; maybe consider a new idea. The pleasure of time spent in a world that's not their own, but one they might recognize, might find intriguing. The sense of seeing their own lives reflected, with people they know, experiences they've had, places they've been... at the same time, introducing them to something and someone new. Just a really good, solid, meaningful read. With a good ending. Gotta have a good ending. :)
What's the latest in your writing world?
1. I was thrilled to hear that AFTER THE SUCKER PUNCH was awarded "Honorable Mention" (Mainstream/Literary Fiction category), in the "3rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards." It is, of course, also available in print, but given the stature of the organization and the prodigious number of entrants, particularly in that category, it was quite the honor.

2. HYSTERICAL LOVE garnered a wonderful review from book behemoth, Kirkus Reviews. A coveted accolade for any author, indie authors are particularly honored to be recognized by this promotional juggernaut: "“Wilke is a skilled writer, able to plausibly inhabit Dan’s young male perspective… A well-written, engaging, sometimes-frustrating tale of reaching adulthood a little late.”

3. AFTER THE SUCKER PUNCH was chosen as a Finalist for The Independent Author Network's 2015 "Book of the Year" Award...a great honor.

4. It also received a brilliant review from UK author/blogger, E.L. Lindley: "After The Sucker Punch is an aptly named novel because it packs a mighty punch and raises so many questions, I was left literally reeling by the end of it. Lorraine Devon Wilke commands our attention with a splendidly dramatic opening and never lets us off the hook until the very last page."

5. HYSTERICAL LOVE was reviewed by Tracy Slowiak at Readers' Favorite Reviews, who wrote: “Oh my, oh my! I just finished reading Hysterical Love, the newest novel by Lorraine Devon Wilke, and I must say, I simply adored it! Lorraine Devon Wilke’s writing style is witty, pointed and funny, even hilarious at times.”

6. HYSTERICAL LOVE was reviewed by Literary Fiction Reviews & Awards: "Hysterical Love is a deftly told tale about not only the search for love in the 21st century, but about seeking a greater understanding of the intricacies of the human heart, about love in all its various forms and disguises: puppy love, lost love, emerging love, enduring love, and of course, hysterical love.”

7. HYSTERICAL LOVE was awarded the coveted indieBRAG Medallion for 2015.

So, yes, lots of good news! Links and detail about these and other interviews, reviews, and media can be found at my blog's Media & Reviews page @ http://rockpapermusic.com/mediareviews/
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