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Most of my novels are centered around beautiful rural settings and feature everyday people like myself and my family. We’re a hard-working, fun-loving bunch and we feel right at home among big trees or out on the water, catching dinner. We travel, BBQ, respect the land, enjoy the city, learn new things, have a kind word for others, and try to do the right thing.

Like my family, my fictional characters have All-American values and dreams. They try to find love, right the wrongs of the world, do well, and find moments of peace and happiness. They are loyal and passionate. Their flaws complicate things, but they are made of tough stuff and they don’t give up. Whether it’s Michael Stone trying to rebuild his shattered law-enforcement career in Emerald Fortune (falling for businesswoman Laura Marley is an unwelcome complication); or Sue Ann Blackburn seeking happiness and a mate against the advice of her staunchest friend, her brother, in Mail-Order Mate; or Sleet Freeman and Jessica Latham vying for the world cutting horse championship as competitors who are falling in love—each story sweeps the reader into a special world where the characters fight to win.

Mentoring writers as a profession and avocation has been the most fulfilling of my careers, not least of which was and is writing fiction. The strivings and successes of the writers I mentor—the sparkle that overcomes them when they win an award or get an agent or see sales mount up in their Amazon account—these are priceless gifts that complete my life. Many of my students are agented and/or published.

I teach composition at a local college as well, and my best advice to my students is to "do the work you love." Doing a job or career you hate will make you miserable and probably kill you young.

Self-publishing and using social media effectively, as an author and writing teacher, are art forms, and many writers are guiding me in this new area, including Debra Holland, Laura Drake, Jenny Hansen, Jacqueline Diamond, Delle Jacobs, and others to whom I owe many thanks.
To find out about my writing classes and the writing advice, recipes, events, publishing news, and other topics that float in and out of my life, read my blogs at http://LouellaNelson.com. My Facebook author page is Louella Nelson, and you can follow me on Twitter @LouellaNelson.

Best-selling author Louella Nelson, M.A., is a professional writer’s editor and mentor, an award-winning university writing instructor, and is multi-published in fiction and honored non-fiction. She has been president of the Orange County chapter of the Romance Writers of America and a coordinator of the national RWA conference. Many of Lou’s students are agented, published, and award-winners. She is at work on The Great Writing Series for writers and is re-issuing her novels (Mail-Order Mate, Emerald Fortune, Days of Fire, and others). She is also writing short stories. Lou’s latest short fiction, "The Prosecutor," appears in the OCC/RWA anthology Romancing the Pages. "Atlas Shrugged Again" is also available.

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