Alabama girl, southern born and southern bred. Love the summer sunshine and will swim in the nude every chance I get, I love to feel the sun all over my body. Love to read, major bookworm here. I read all sorts of books, not just the Adult Erotica books. I'm all over the place when it comes to what I read. I don't even remember how I discovered this wonderful website, but I am so glad I did, the books I can buy on here are just fabulous Also you have here a computer nerd and geeky bookkeeper for a local computer company. I was a paralegal a lifetime ago, I still miss the law but the people, not so much.

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  • Mommy’s Threesomes 12-Pack : Books 25 - 36 on Nov. 11, 2022

    These books are absolutely to die for. I love incest stories; these are some of the best I have read. I love the threesome storylines, they are so erotic I get horny just thinking about the books I have read. Do yourself a favor and get these books, you will not be disappointed. They are so naughtily fabulous, I have read them multiple times and always leave wanting more.
  • Gay Incest Erotica Short Stories - Two Dads, Two Sons And Lots Of Fun on Dec. 16, 2022
    (no rating)
    To the Author... I loved your book and would love to read more of the same. It can really get one's motor going. Such a sexy book. I would love William, Chris, Billy, and Caleb back for more father/son with some uncle/nephew action the next time, that would be fun and very titillating, such a turn-on.
  • Hubby Said I Could Experiment, But Not With Our Daughter : Mommy’s Threesomes 41 on Dec. 17, 2022

    Very good erotic book. You won't regret buying it. I've already read it 3 times.
  • Spit-Roasted In The Gym By His Dad And His Dad's Friend on Dec. 17, 2022
    (no rating)
    Really good, so far I have read it twice. Nice short quick erotic read.
  • Gay Family Gang-Bang - The Complete Story on April 23, 2023

    On my 3rd read of this book. So very erotic, steamy and hottttt. I love these particular types of stories, the father/son/brother/step bro, they just turn me on so much when I read them. If this is your jam too, don't miss out, just purchase the complete story like I did, that way all you have is one book and not something along the lines of 9 or so. You won't regret reading this book, at all. I promise.
  • Father and Daughter Get Horny In An Adult Cinema on April 23, 2023

    Such a good short story. I've already read it 3 times, and it doesn't get old. Very hot read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's worth the time it takes to read it. Get it and you won't be disappointed.
  • Monster Gangbang - The Complete Story on April 23, 2023

    This book was just kind of OK to me. I read it once, but I don't think it will be something I reach for again and again. I loved the 1st few chapters of the book, but then it just turned into sort of meh. Don't know why it didn't turn me on more than it did. I think about the first 3–4 chapters it kind of did, but after that, not so much. Monsters are usually right up my alley, but this one didn't do that much for me. I guess once it went from non-consent to consent, that is where it lost me, I really liked the non-consent part in the first few chapters that is when it went to being just OK for me.
  • Family Gang-Bang - Episode 1 on April 23, 2023

    So far, I have only read this one book, so I don't know how I will like it. I need to buy the complete story and then write a review of it. But from what I did read, I think I will like it. It's definitely right up my alley, I love family fuck fests, so this one probably won't be any different, I will be buying the complete story here in the near future.