Smashwords book reviews by MaskOfShame

  • Invasion of the Tentacle Creatures from Space: Mega-Bundle - Chapters 1 - 9 on April 28, 2020

    I’m not one for doing reviews, so forgive me if it’s not well done. I’ve given this work 4 stars because it fulfilled what it set out to do: boat loads tentacle sex. It’s a long piece of writing and the sexual encounters are paced well so that the sex doesn’t feel overwhelming. It’s also not entirely tentacle action, there’s also a significant amount of Futa and classic lesbian fun going on. For how it’s split I would say somewhere around 60% is exclusively tentacles, with the rest being some combination of the aforementioned. Due to subject matter expect a lot of it to fall under rape/non-con. There is some regular consensual stuff in there as well, though, mostly in regards to the love story. As for the bad it comes down some weak characters, world building, and maybe a few too many sex scenes back to back near the end. This was one of the author’s earlier works so it’s understandable. Overall I would definitely recommend this to anyone that needs something to keep them busy for a few day’s at least.
  • The Sex Sorcerer's Apprentice: Bundle 1 - Chapters 1-3 on April 28, 2020

    Great first few chapters. I like the dynamic that Catherine and Nathara have. Catherine is the goofy bimbo to Nathara’s straight man. Despite this though it’s always Catherine that’s on top, literally and figuratively. So far it almost feels like an episodic comedy with gratuitous sex. Speaking of which, while there’s some dubiousness going on it generally turns consensual if that’s what you’re worried about.