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Latest book: Auction Action. Published November 2, 2017.
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Latest book: The Raven's Flight. Published June 15, 2015. (5.00 from 2 reviews)
Celia Kyle
Latest book: Wicked Prey. Published February 23, 2011.
Charlie Richards
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Lee Oliver
Latest book: One Wrong Step. Published October 18, 2017. (5.00 from 1 review)
V.K. Sykes
Latest book: Scoring Position. Published April 8, 2018.

Smashwords book reviews by Nicole Yates

  • Tell Me The Truth on April 19, 2017

    Stockton Wolves Bk 5 last book of the series. What a book and what a way to leave the series. Was a great read as all Lisa Oliver books are. Was good to see the Captain(tony) and Nico get it together and what a bundle of joy they had!!
  • Get Over It on April 19, 2017

    Great start to the spinoff series of Cloverleah. A really Great read but you can never go wrong with a Lisa Oliver book. Madison finally gets his man, poor Sebastian really never stood a chance. A good story also for Cody and Thantos, this story was also a fantastic addition to the book.
  • A Change of Plans on May 20, 2017

    This is a story of Q (Quentin)and Sully. Its book 2.5 spinoff of book 2 Dancing around the cop. Was great to read Sully and Q's Story. Sully is a Police Detective (was the cop partner of Zander from Bk 2), Q is a Marine. Was a good story on them getting the situation sorted between them so the could build a life together. Was a great read. Yet another great book from Lisa Oliver.
  • A Touch of Spring on May 20, 2017

    Alpha and Omega series. The story revolves around Bronson and Harley. Harley has a scar from a incident that happened when younger and he was unable to shift to heal. Bronson is hoping to find his mate not knowing his mate has already found him. The story between both characters is sweet and steady paced. Like all Lisa Oliver books, its a great, fun, fantastic read. You cant wrong with a Lisa Oliver book.
  • Snake Snack on Aug. 12, 2017

    Book 2 of Arrowtown. Story of Simon a Snake Shifter and his Mate Darwin a Mouse Shifter. MM story with Male Pregnancy. Great addition to the series. Highly Enjoyable and Entertaining Read. Highly Recommend. Can't go wrong with a Lisa Oliver Book.
  • You've Got To Be Kidding Me on Aug. 27, 2017

    What a story. Great 2nd book of the Gods made me do it series. Story of Poseidon and Claude. Do not hesitate to buy this book or any books written by Lisa Oliver you will not regret purchasing them. Entertaining and Enjoyable.
  • Cam's Promise on Aug. 28, 2017

    Cam and Levi Story. Second book in the Northern States Pack. Was a fast paced book. Was highly entertaining and a enjoyable read. As always Lisa/Lee has wrote a great book. A great addition to the series. Highly Recommend.
  • Dragon's Heat on Sep. 19, 2017

    Could not get enough of this book. Was Enjoyable and Entertaining to read. Great start to a new series. Can't wait for the other books. Highly Recommend.
  • One Wrong Step on Oct. 18, 2017

    A Fantastic book, was entertaining and enjoyable to read. Can't go wrong with Lisa/Lee Oliver books. Highly recommend.
  • On The Brink on Nov. 20, 2017

    I enjoyed this book. Its a great read. Would recommend Lisa Oliver's Books of any series if asked. Would not hesitate to buy her books. The story had me laughing and crying and laughing again. Its not a sad story its a great story, set in the cloverleah series. a HEA book. More books to come in the series plus books in the spin off series. Lisa Oliver you write great books :)
  • Don't Tempt Fate on Nov. 23, 2017

    As always a great book by Lisa Oliver. Great to see the characters of Cloverleah again. The book is enticing and entertaining. Enjoyable to read. Very hard to put down.