My loving mom fostered my fascination with the written word and the worlds they could take me to very early, reading a wide variety of books to me before I could even talk. I imagine I first associated them with cuddle time, but eventually books became my escape and a home for my active imagination. I remain a voracious reader of many genres today (in both print and ebook formats) and have tried to instill the same love of reading in my own two children, now in college. Before becoming disabled by chronic migraines, I was an assistant in our school district's Information Media Center at the elementary and high school levels. I have since relocated to the Twin Cities area to be closer to family, but I continue to read and review books, in those age groups and for my own enjoyment. My three nephews, ages 2, 5 and 8, provide honest and literal feedback which is invaluable to me in reviewing children's books! I am a professional reader for NetGalley (MigraineMom). I recently began posting reviews on Goodreads (where I also receive and review First Reads Books won in Giveaways), Amazon (AuntieK3), Smashwords (PainWarrior), Barnes & Noble and Facebook. I also participate in the Penguin First To Read program and am writing reviews there. My interests are wide and varied. I just love a good story. I have a special love for indie authors and have found some of my favorite books in that group. Please consider me for reading and reviewing your works. Also, with a background in community newspaper writing and editing as well, I am an excellent proofreader and could also be an extra set of eyes if needed before you go to print.


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Smashwords book reviews by PainWarrior

  • Living in the House of Drugs on May 11, 2013

    Please meet Willie Lee Triplett. To say he is a character is a bit of an understatement. He is a genuine soul with a wry sense of humor, a tell-it-like-it-is attitude and is wise well beyond his fifty years. Willie has been homeless, been in jail, in prison and lived in halfway houses. He is a classy dresser, a hard worker and likes the ladies. He grew up in a family where "drinkin' and druggin'" were a way of life and is fighting like hell to stay clean and sober. Willie has been through inpatient and outpatient treatment for his addiction, and gone through AA, NA and other twelve-step programs. He has seen and learned alot and has much to share. Willie wanted his story told, hoping it could help other people battling addiction. A set of coincidental circumstances connected him to Christine Keleny, author of this, Willie's memoir. She has done a magnificent job. I like how well she blended Willie's own words with her insight and sometimes witty observations (providing welcome levity in some cases!). That Keleny and Willie were able to develop such a good relationship is testament to the warmth and heart found in this book. Their clever bantering back and forth almost makes them seem like siblings at times. This book will shock you, more than once. It may make you angry. It may make you laugh at some points, and it may make you cry. Every reader will feel and take what they need from this book. At the end, it left me a better person for having had a glimpse into Willie's life, and a healthy respect for those battling addiction of any kind. I'm rooting for you, Willie!