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Roger Gosden has been a scientist, naturalist, writer, editor and more recently a publisher. He trained for his Ph.D. in Cambridge under the Nobel Prizewinner Robert Edwards and was awarded a D.Sc. from Edinburgh Medical School where he was on the faculty for 18 years. His research career has focused on development and aging of the ovary and fertility conservation technology for cancer patients. After an appointment to the first chair of reproductive biology at Leeds University in 1994, he transferred in 1999 to become Scientific Director of Reproductive Biology at McGill University and subsequently to an endowed chair and directorship of the Jones Institute in Norfolk, Virginia. Earlier in his career he was a Population Council fellow at Duke University and became a visiting professor at the Universities of Southern California, Naples, Washington, Hong Kong and Sun Yat-Sen. He served as a journal editor and a consultant to industry and governments in Europe and North America. His last post was Professor and Director of Reproductive Biology at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. His wife, Lucinda Veeck Gosden also Cornell faculty, was the chief embryologist for America's first IVF baby. In his second career, as a writer and publisher at Jamestowne Bookworks, he is based in Williamsburg, Virginia. He has a lifelong interest in nature and is a Virginia Master Naturalist.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in and around London, but every spare hour as a younger teenager I rode my bike into the countryside to wander the woods and fields and watch wildlife. My first writing ambition was to publish a nature book, and I may get round to it one day!
When did you first start writing?
As a biomedical scientist, it was important to publish data in journals, which was regarded as an irksome task for most of my peers who didn't want to be drawn away from their lab bench to a writing desk. I loved writing papers, drawing on the skill of precis I learned at school, and took pride in creating polished manuscripts which I believed helped to persuade readers were high quality science. Later, I wrote a couple of trade books based on my research interests (Cheating Time and Designing Babies), and the ambition to expand my writing work grew from there.
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