Roland Gardner


Some of my early years are chronicled in my stories, but in the seventies, tired of leading a blameless life, I went to live in Los Angeles. After nearly ten years, although I made some wonderful friends in America, I was well aware that half the time they still didn't know what I was on about. So I came home again.
Having friends in the West Country I spent a couple of happy years in Plymouth.
It was during my time there that I came across an elderly resident who told me the story that forms the basis for,' Plymouth '41.' I still find it difficult to comprehend the suffering that those poor people underwent in the spring of 1941, when in a few nights the Luftwaffe wiped the centre of Plymouth off the map.
In 1990 I returned to the land of my birth, Tunbridge Wells. There, I could lead the exotic lifestyle that had eluded me in Hollywood - but the casinos and fast women proved too much for my delicate health and I eventually settled in East Sussex.
Here, the women move at a more deliberate pace and if the gambling bug bites you, then it's along to the pier for a bit of bingo. I still chased women, but only downhill.
It was time to settle down and write my novel. You may have noticed that nearly everyone you meet is going to write a novel as soon as they have time. Excuse my cynicism. I met my wife (Sally Patricia Gardner) at this period of my life and, as well as being beautiful she definitely wasn't going to write a novel, so I married her. Imagine my chagrin when she changed her mind and wrote four novels. As if that wasn't bad enough - they were all brilliant!
Whilst being prepared to overlook her ingratitude, I am still unable to find the time to write my own novel so, you'll have to make do with the short stories, written between long periods of self- indulgence in my real love, housework.


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