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Smashwords book reviews by Paula Capelli

  • Gargoyles on Feb. 25, 2012

    A good story line although the heroine was more "Barbie" than wannabe doctor. However, I did enjoy the story, although some of it is very far fetched...........I think a good dose of realism in medical thrillers helps make the plot sound more plausable.
  • Maybe on Feb. 25, 2012
    (no rating)
    I haven't read any of this author's previous books, and from comments and reviews I was expecting something meaty and interesting. Big disappointment though......the content read like the author wanted it to be an updated Philip Marlowe story which fell completely flat.but that is my opinion. I read about 20 pages got fed up with it.
  • The Son of Man Three, The Heylik on Feb. 25, 2012

    I love this series, what a good story. More please!!!!!
  • The Shroud on Feb. 25, 2012
    (no rating)
    I read the commentary, liked the story and prepared for a reading feast. Sadly, I still haven't finished this book and I doubt I ever will. It's drawn out and the characters don't conform with their backgrounds, i.e. Nate Archer Phd, acts like a twit with a memory block half the time. The other main character, a Pathologist/Coroner just cracked me up with her intense interest in the Turin Shroud and the amount of historical detail that she had absorbed during the period of her interest....maybe she should have been the Phd!!!! The references to Dan Brown and the Da Vinci Code are nonsensical. The story line is utterly unbelievable and now I'm looking for something else to read instead. What a waste of a few dollars.