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Silent Presence is the life work of Gayle Gregory, who is now called Amaya. The work flows from present moment awareness. In 1997 Gayle followed her dream and sailed to Mexico with her husband Ken. She left behind a successful career, high heels and suits, her status and, as she soon found, her identity. Upon the ocean’s waves, Gayle plunged into a primal reality that revealed her fears and opened her mind to the potential and possibility of life.

Inspired to find a deeper understanding and a way to navigate the fear, she returned home committed to befriending every fear and belief. In 2006 Ken was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. After five years navigating the medical system, Ken left his body in April of 2011. Ken’s life and his death, the grief anticipated and the grief of actual loss, helped establish Amaya in the timeless preciousness of Silent Presence, the here and now of the present moment.

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Workplace Evolution: Common Sense for Uncommon Times
The Grand Experiment: An Expedition of Self Discovery (co-author)

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a sleepy little town in Southern Oregon. It was pretty conservative. They had a Sundown Law on the books way past the 60's. I'm not sure why the city fathers bothered with the law, because Grants Pass was a very white town. Guess they didn't want 'strangers' loitering after sundown. I didn't agree with racism or any kind of discrimination. I didn't fit in, and I dearly wanted to. Whenever I heard unkind comments my stomach churned. My grandfather was from the South and I heard words that no one should hear. Listening to hateful words, even when the person the words were directed at wasn't in the room, burned with discomfort. It made me squirm and I was aware that it left an indelible imprint. At a deep cellular level I knew it was wrong, that it hurt me too. As I was growing up you would think that I would have been more kind. Knowing how it hurt didn't stop me from being hurtful to others. Wanting to fit in and knowing I didn't, pushed me to do things against my inner knowing. Guess I was a slow learner, or maybe I should call it a thorough learner. It was a good training ground for the experiment in (S)self awareness that has inspired the last 30 years of my life.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Life inspires me. Sometimes it is messy. Sometimes it is delicious. Sometimes it is painful. I never know which version will meet me as I start a new day. I once saw a picture of two monks in beautiful red and gold clothing riding a rollercoaster. They were perched atop the highest point just about to drop down in the twists and turns. Their arms were in the air and the grins on their faces defied words. They are my role model for how to do life. We aren't in control. We might as well put our arms into the air and ride life for all its worth. When we do that, we find out that life has infinite value.
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