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Steve Tuffill lives in Valencia, California. He spends his days writing, reading, learning, and working. Some of his most productive activities include learning and understanding the human psyche.

He enjoys thinking up stories about people he meets and sees in everyday life and frequently sees situations he can use in a story. While he enjoys writing literature, he is committed to writing technical commercial work most of the time. It is Steve's dream to publish a full-length novel and he is on-track to do so soon now. He has already started to write a novel and has been at it since 2005! Nevertheless, it keeps growing and developing and not long now, he will release the text for you to enjoy!

He writes stories set in all manner of places, some exotic and some closer to home. But Steve loves to travel and has been through Mexico, Asia and Australia, along with many parts of Europe including Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. Along with the stories he dreams up about people he meets, also, he likes to describe places he has been like the places described above. He loves creating descriptive romantic stories with exciting and sensual details.

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Latest book: The Accidental Immortal.
Published August 1, 2011. (4.77 from 13 reviews)