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Carol Haynes works full time in medical education, but her passion is writing. She's married to a wonderful man, who has reconciled himself to his wife hiding away for hours to scribble.
She is the author of a paranormal romance series beginning with Sunlight book one. She hopes that you will enjoy the romance and adventure in these stories, all written with a Christian perspective.

Besides the paranormal series below, please check out her new books, The Way to Love, For You to Love Me, and Jett. Nothing scary about these.

Books in the paranormal series:
Sunlight book one
Sapphire book two
Sixx book three
Sideshow book four
Seraph book five
Sacrifice book six
Sacred book seven

Other novels are in the works. She just need time to get them done.
Though written in a Christian perspective, some of these books may contain mild language and sexual situations.

You can contact Carol with any questions or comments at haynescarol56@gmail.com

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