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  • Acts Beyond Redemption on Feb. 08, 2016

    When you sit down to read, “Acts Beyond Redemption”, you better have a cushion under your rump. “Acts Beyond Redemption” is a five-star thriller that intertwines international drug deals, the United States government, a conspiracy that involves a horse competition in Afghanistan with catastrophic consequences, highly trained para-military undercover spies, the FBI, the CIA and a rogue group of government trained outcasts. It is a shrewd, masterpiece thriller written at a breath-taking pace and near genius in its plot. The main character, Sheila Harrington, is a woman to die for. Her beauty, her cunning, her willingness to do things other women won’t are her arsenal for completing her missions. Sheila Harrington’s beauty and talents lure powerful men at the highest levels of government, and seduce even the most hardened and dangerous men to get what she wants. Her power over the unwitting and unknowing draw them into her world of sex, bondage, betrayal and kill-or-be-killed survival. S. Burke creates such a beautiful—and dangerous—woman in Sheila Harrington, that I found myself wishing to be one of her “targets”. Which isn’t a really bright thing to do. Not for the faint of heart; so be prepared. When you sit down to read “Acts Beyond Redemption” you better have an extra cushion under your rump. The pace and the plot have you sitting on the edge of your chair. And just when you don’t expect it; wam! you are knocked to the floor—so you better have a cushion on the floor as well. I can’t wait for Book Two (as promised at the end of Book One). I already have my cushions ready.