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  • Brothers of Reckoning on Sep. 18, 2023

    This really unique family, bound by blood, kink,love and generational trauma and Mock's truly outstanding writing style combined together created a story utterly captivating, shockingly disturbing and deeply jarring. When the past refused to stay buried and ugly shadow resurfaced, the whole Randolph family was thrown into a tailspin, old wounds reopened and bonds were put to an ultimate test of strength and stability. The pain Silas went through was so raw, unfiltered and startlingly realistic, the way he was mourning the old days of his captivity, the haunting strange love he still harboured for Alexander were battling with the deeply ingrained in him urge to protect his family from the pure poison Alexander himself was. From the vibe the story was giving, he was miserably losing this battle and meanwhile dragging not only his brothers down the destructive path of Alexander's mind games but also the other members of the family. Silas and Alexander's reunion literally caught me by surprise. This isn't a book with a standard HEA. It's more complicated because Silas never fully got over his past and wasn't mentally and emotionally strong enough to overcome the toxicity of his upbringing and his cravings. Actually he was so absorbed in his past, he was emotionally absent in his relationship with Lakshan But even though Silas felt like the centerpiece of this multilayered and complicated plot, there were other threads that were adding to the richness and depth of the story - Wyatt, Asher an Darius gave a real reprieve to my sanity finally forming their triad adding so much needed light and a little bit of humour to lit up the descending darkness. I loved the personality growth of Oliver as well. But don't let the little golden nuggets distract you from the fact that it's a really dark, very dark book with a serious triggers. All the books have to be read in order as well so you can fully enjoy the feeling of jumping from a cliff without a safety net - bizarre, unforgettable, horrifying.
  • Festival of Fun on Oct. 12, 2023

    Father and son cest story in a fun, entertaining and compact package, surprisingly light and easy to read. There was 0 drama in it because both of the characters were absolutely aware of the forbidden nature of their interactions if they wanted to turn the delightful one time experience in something more permanent. So they had to be creative and careful to avoid disruption of their daily lives.I loved Bailey's personality - so sunny, down to earth and easy going as well as his father's quiet observing demenoar and inherent nurturing tendencies.
  • Friday Night Fun on Oct. 12, 2023

    The second book shows the deepening of their relationship, careful exploration of their needs. Evan is intuitive and sweet, taking care of his son's needs. And while Bailey's waiting the second shoe to drop, figuratively said, and his father to start being demanding and restrictive, he was more than surprised when not only it didn’t happen but Evan suggested a night of fun in a kink club. So we have another portion of kinks galore in this story and a wonderful, attentive aftercare scene that showcases how in tune to each other Bailey and Evan are,and the quality of the communication between them.
  • Topped by My Father-in-law on Oct. 31, 2023

    Starts like dark erotica and ends like a thriller? Yes, that's Jay L. North books - Topped by My father in law and Trained by my father in law. In the first book Jacob's absolutely normal life turns from Hallmark rom com to a horror movie in a blink of an eye. When he and his fiancé visit her father, Jacob has a forceful crash course in learning how to submit and go with the flow without asking questions. It's a shocking, non con experience that leaves the foundation of his sexual identity totally changed and shattered. And not only everything he knew for himself abruptly changed and shifted. He gained a Daddy - not the loving and caring type of one though. But a lot more disturbing was the subtle sinister vibe that all the lines crossed and obliterated were just the beginning. For such short read the book is a real heart-stopping, pitch black delight.
  • Trained by My Father-in-law on Oct. 31, 2023

    While the first book was tamer, just a glimpse of the real dark that was coming, the second one revealed a world of kinks and Jacob's reluctant submerge in them - I'll probably miss some of them - dub con body modifications/ piercings/, public sex and servicing more than one Dom, cockworming, toys. Somewhere during my reading I went from sympathising to his misery to outright aching for every degrading and humiliating experience he went through. And why was everything happening you will probably ask? I asked my self that too, more than once. Because he didn't have the spine and the will to say No and was stupidly clinging to the naive belief that his future was worth the sacrifice. With just a few sentences at the end of the second book, the author just smashed these hopes into pieces. The book itself was so realistically written, it was downright scary especially with the twist at the end. I am definitely waiting to see the horror waiting for Jacob in the third installment and his screams.
  • By The Light Of The Full Moon on Nov. 20, 2023

    There is nothing I love more than found family trope in a story. And when the found family is actually a big, happy polycule where all members of the pack have developed an internal structure based on trust, love, acceptance and care, it's simply perfection. The additional bonus ?A lot of cuddles, playful grapples, puppy piles with furry friends, a lot of smexy times and even more fun combined with a dash of kink. It's a very light and entertaining read with a good communication between all pack members. They were all misfits with their own history and emotional baggage and I loved how everyone was cared for, accepted and respected.My favourite? May be Joey - the only human amongst the shifters and being different he struggled to adjust and accept that he is as valued and precious as everyone else.
  • Used by My Father-in-law on Dec. 13, 2023

    The continuation is even more scarier, chilling and shockingly intense than I thought possible. For Jacob the time ran out faster than he thought possible and he wasn't prepared for the nightmare he was unexpectedly thrown into. For me as a reader it was a thrilling, intriguing experience to watch the way the story grew exponentially darker while Jacob's survival instincts kicked out, just a heartbeat too late. The story is excellent combination between thriller and erotica with dub con elements and a lot of triggers. The best part? It's not the final book and I really hope there will be a chance for him to survive and build his life again.
  • His Boy on Dec. 25, 2023

    This is a story that gives you a pause, makes you stop a lot of times to process what have you read and how you are feeling about the unfolding events.And while I have read a lot of books representing cest relationships, this isn’t a typical one about insta lust, insta love or solely focused on the entertainment between both main characters. The plot can be interpreted from different angles depending on the reader's personal POV based on life experience. From mine it was amazing example for how fickle human mind can be, how a person can turn their opinion or way of thinking 180° in the blink of an eye. Ian and David had a very complicated father - son relationship since Ian was born. David was only 19 when Ian was born and started working as a long distance driver to provide for the needs of their small family. Thus why he harboured a lot of guilt for being an absent parent and trying to make the best of their limited time together. They were really close and Ian was worshipping his father. Even the divorce between both parents didn't break the strong bond between Ian and David. On the contrary - they continued to spend every free moment together and create beautiful memories. So a lot of Ian's first experiences were connected to his beloved father. But something accidental / it's spoilerish so leaving it off page/, blurred the line between close friendship and intimate one. And David developed a different kind of awareness for his grown up son. For someone touch starved like him, with years without intimacy, it was easier to be manipulated and persuaded to cross a lot of personal lines. Their relationship morphed into a different one - a constant push from Ian to explore and pull from David who was struggling and trying to resist the temptation. Kudos for the 19y who was able to manipulate his father and turn a situation from truly hopeless to 100% favorable in his benefit. I liked the realistic flavour of the story,the way it represented the struggles and doubts plaguing David's mind, the psychological twists and the slow crumble of David's personal reservations as well as the representation of Ian's insatiable curiosity, tenacity and unstoppable thirst for sexual exploration. There was even some interesting role playing instigated by Ian. But there are always 2 in one relationship so David wasn't 100% innocent party. While Ian's behaviour could be explained with the inexperience and recklessness, David was a real mess inside - his need to give his son everything and the societal proprietary of his actions were in a constant battle. And while the story has a HEA, I wasn’t 100% convinced that David had managed to silence all the demons in his head and embrace fully without reservations his son as his partner. I hope to see them as cameos and further relationship development in the next books.
  • Never Say Never: Mate Mistake #2 on Feb. 29, 2024

    This is one of the authors I never doubt will provide a meaningful story. A story with intense emotional content both on the surface and below the lines. So beneath the usual spice, heat and fun lies a world of thought provoking questions - how much is too much in a brotherly relationship, how close is too close, where does friendship end and deeper feelings begin and when the lines finally blur, will anyone be hurt. This is one of the sweetest taboo omegaverse stories, I've had the pleasure of reading, a full 3-course delicious feast - from the appetizers to dessert in typical Odessa style, or in our case, from the deep, all-consuming love of the eldest brother, devoted to spoil the youngest child in the family through the fierce, intense feeling of contentment and happiness that builds between the two brothers as the youngest grows, to the realization that the special bond they have shared and nurtured over these years goes far beyond brotherly affection. And while the book is focused on Keenan and Ellis in their transition from being brothers to mates, there is an additional plot line in the process of development, that's also interesting to follow and holds a solid promise for a lot more surprises to come.
  • Rescued from My Father-in-law on March 16, 2024

    A feeling of deep relief prevailed when I finished reading. And while I would have loved more Jacob books, the author has put this character through such a cruel, mentally, physically and emotionally draining ordeal, that I was more than satisfied with his HEA. JL. North has incredible writing talent and a terrifying imagination when he creates ways to torture his characters, shatter them to pieces and then rebuild them as new people after a total personal transformation. I loved the non con/dub con elements waved seamlessly into the plot creating a chiling, original thriller story with distinct erotic elements.
  • Owned by My Father-in-law on March 16, 2024

    If you like your books dark and twisted, you definitely need to read this insanely depraved, gritty and disturbing variation of Jacob's final story. And while I was somehow prepared that the plot will turn nasty, it greatly surpassed even my expectations for what dark is. Even though I am aware that this is a fictional story, the way the plot is written was so terrifyingly realistic, I could feel the emotional impact while reading. One the things that affected me the most, was the way Jacob was observing and analysing his own chances of survival, how painfully aware he was of the hopelessness of his situation and the fact that everything happening to him was in plain sight, while the people around him where busy with their lives, not knowing of the dangers and the predators lurking around them. Two parallel worlds coexisting together - never quite touching and never quite separating - money and power the only criteria who sets the rules and who obeys. Surrounded by people and so, so excruciatingly, achingly alone in his pain and suffering.
  • Best Cousins on May 16, 2024

    A game of spin the bottle can spin your whole world on its axis and change your perspective on how you perceive a person. But what happens when that person is your entire world, your breath, your sun, your cousin? Alejo and Leo embark on a dangerous journey after one of these seemingly harmless games, open the doors to entirely new kind of exploration. A whole world of new firsts and incredibly sweet and gentle moments - light, fun and very well written short story, perfect bite size read in one go.