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Smashwords book reviews by Trudy Speer

  • The Mating: The Original Law of the Lycans Story on June 23, 2012
    (no rating)
    Really enjoyed the book, it keeps you involved and moves along well. This is the second book of authors, 1st was Bonded. Enjoyed that so looked for more from author. Would pay to read! But enjoy it being free. Thanks to Mz Charles and to smashord for making them available.
  • The Finding on July 05, 2012

    Just finished The Finding, and enjoyed it as much as the others in the series. Sorry you have to take a break because of an injury, hope it is better soon and you can return to writing. Will miss your work until then. Thank You for the books you have written.
  • A Price for a Princess on Aug. 20, 2012

    Have enjoyed the series so far, keep up the good books!!!!!
  • Into the Fire (The Prince of Zammar 1) on Aug. 06, 2013

    Written well, enjoyed it and look forward to reading the series! Thanks!
  • Hot Coffee on Aug. 06, 2013

    Enjoyed it, would liked for it to be longer. Hope you write more. Good Luck!
  • Man Seeks Woman - Man Seeks Woman 1 on Aug. 08, 2013

    Good job on the new career!!! Thouroughly enjoyed the book and like the others can't wait for part 2... and all the following books from you! I really liked the back and forth between Vic and Seb in the emails look forward to reading many more books written by you!