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  • An Affair of the Heart on May 07, 2012

    This book is a surprise good read.I really enjoyed the twists and turns the author introduced in the complex relationship between the lead charecters with little pretensions and effortless language. Another thing I really enjoyed about the book was it's strong cast. For one, almost every name introduced in the book has managed to convey their personality. This is not a small feet considering the book has a reasonably big list. And all the main characters were developed beautifully. I also enjoyed the care given to simple moments in the plot that were not exactly connected with the story
  • A Fine Woman on July 07, 2012

    The book would have been quite a good read for me if I had not set my bars so high. But then, it is not entirely my fault. I was smitten by Countess Helga Burbeck , the bossy aristocratically lady. As the blurb of the book says, to her, the war was nothing more than an inconvenience on her shopping trips to Berlin. Her first introduction to the horrors of the war was skilfully portrayed. She starts smuggling children off to Paris. Everyone knows about it. She makes little attempt to do it in dark. Now the SS knows that she is smuggling kids. She knows that SS knows. She has immunity provided by her father, placed in one of the highest posts in military. Now, with a killer setting like this, is it my fault that my expectations were sky high? But the book does precious little in developing the characters. Especially the gold mine called Helga Burbeck. And relations. Between countess and her ward and partner in crime Jacob, a Jewish boy. Between Obersturmf├╝hrer Meyer, the SS officer and her. Instead book proceeds like it was a commentary of her life. Only events were important. Not emotions. This treatment gives an odd movie like quality to the book. Fast paced and to the point. This is not the way I like my books. But that does not mean that I did not enjoy the action packed sequences towards the end. And the little bit of drama that is inserted as an anti climax. Yes I did enjoy the book. Only thing is I think it could have been much much better