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I am  a book reading, book buying, book loving person! My belief: people who don't read are truly missing out on something wonderful reading broadens your mind! My goal: share my reading with the world! If there's a good book out there, I'll find it and tell you all about it!! I am an avid reader from Pennsylvania and if you are an author or publisher and would like to have your book reviewed, please email me. I accept ARCs, as well as books that have already been released. I am also more than happy to do author interviews, guest posts, and contests to promote your book . Please send me an email, thank you. 
E-mail address is sadase98(at)gmail(.)com

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  • A Diamond in My Pocket on March 25, 2012

    Our heroine in this book is Calli. A normal teenage girl so she thought. Never popular in school she only had one true friend Sue, but that is all about to change at a track meet where she was enchanted. That track meet changed everything in her life for a short while. During the track meet she was discovered and believed to be a superhuman one with exceptional speed. And was whisked away to become a runner for the Runner Clan. This is the first book in the Unaltered Series. It is unique in many ways. I enjoyed this read. Lorena has wonderful world building skills. The characters are awesome and flawed in there own little way which makes for a good read. Calli is a heroine with mixed emotions throughout the whole book. Who manages to make a enemy real fast but also manages to make a few friends also. Calli is thrown into a world of super-humans in which she would have never imaged to exist. She is set on a journey where she later learns that she was especially selected to be on. On this journey she faces many dilemmas and emotions that she never expected to have. Being an unaltered human she developes special skills. With the help of a diamond that posesses the skills of all the super-humans. She and a few others from the Runners Clan a part of the Super-humans are to deliver this diamond to the Death Clan in return for the hostages the Death Clan have taken. Little do the Death Clan know that once they come in contact with this diamond that it will be the death of them.
  • A Dark Journey Into The Light on Jan. 11, 2017

    "TURBULENT, BRUTAL, GRUELING, HEARTWARMING...JUST AMAZING!!!" Oh my goodness, this book was excellent! It was an emotional masterpiece. It was like being on a rollercoaster that you just couldn't wait to stop. Josef’s journey was an enthralling and sit on the edge of your seat captivating story of one man’s journey trying to discover one’s place and self in a world that contains any man’s desires. Those desires and urges are a driving force and can often having you living a life that you never expected. A dark Journey into the light gives us the facts of Josef’s life, yes, and also the emotions that attend the events of his life, and at the same time it gives us so so much more. It was an angsty mess at some points and you just had to continue to find out what happened. I was only going to start this book and read for a few minutes but I couldn't put it down. This is not a traditional autobiography but I guess that’s implied in the title. So some of the details about his life are hinted at but not elaborated. What's most powerful about Josef's "spiritual autobiography" is that he's not trying to manipulate the reader one way or another. It's entirely possible to be completely changed by the end and yet leave the book disagreeing with him in some areas no less than at the beginning. He doesn't expect his readers to agree with him, or the choices he made he's simply telling his story. And an interesting story it is. I would highly recommend this to anyone! 5+ Stars